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today's gaming fun: haiku tributes to the atari 2600

Quite busy today, but squeezing in some time to work on a tribute to the Atari 2600. In honor of that, I think I'll have an Atari haiku contest. It's Friday and we should be having fun. So sharpen your mad haiku writing skillz and pen an ode to the system itself or your favorite game; anything as long as it's Atari 2600 related.

Remember, haiku is 5-7-5. Incorrectly metered haikus and any other types of poetry will be discarded.


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All hail Atari
Number twenty six hundred
Console of the gods

Atari Football
Players move in unison
What a shitty game!

Combat is the name
Blip shot from the tank bounces
other player spins and dies

Smurfette must be saved
A shelf in Gargamel's house
holds her out of reach

Atari Asteroids
I can't steer the fucking ship!
Turn you cocksucker!

Atari gaming...
Kids today won't understand
It's old, but still good.

(The link is something I found in a friend's archives, but if I remember correctly, I believe you posted it as well once; the article itself is old and funny, but it makes me feel damn old.)

the glossy, old pong-
the earth atari
since the magical console

Invisible dot,
Carried through glowing force-field:
the first easter egg

My second one sucked
First line used six syllables
I will try harder

"Acid Drop" was cool
Takes me back to college days
(Ooops. Wrong "Acid Drop")


Twenty Six Hundred
How I wanted to play with you
I had Coleco

Brave Pitfall Harry
Swings over alligators
With a Tarzan Yell.

Graphics by Dali
And sound by Hellen Keller
Consumed my childhood

What the hell is that?
The Extra-Terrestial?
What is that, his neck?

What ergonomics?
Kids these days will never know
Atari thumb pain.

Burgers, bugs, tires,
Gems, Irons, bowties and dice:

Falling, Relentless
Missiles, too many. Courage!
One last city stands.

This is "basketball"?
Two players, both made of wire?
How 'bout "basketbrick"?

Atari Asteroids I can't steer the fucking ship!
Turn you cocksucker!

My favorite so far.

Oh, Missile Command
how you have trashed my joystick
I will beat you yet

Wow, Custer's Revenge!
No ESRB ratings
Pixellated porn


No joy of joysticks,
Commodore Vic 20 mine.
Zelda weeps for me.


I figure if gratuitous profanity works for John Kerry, it can work for me.

In never had an
Atarti two six thousand.
I'm sure they were fab.


Alas, the paddle
nobody loves the paddle
left, right, left, right, left

dice falling like acid drops
I'm going insane

It's Pitfall Harry
Dancing on the crocodiles
like watching Jackass

subhunter is cool
the extraterrestrial
s u c k s

does that count?

Activision games
The coolest of them all, man
What the hell happened?

I swear to god, I did NOT read any of the other haiku before I wrote mine. That "acid drops" thing came outta nowhere.

Defend the castle.
Beware the purple warlord.
The green fool dies first.

Oh, and a sequel to my previous attempt:

Angry Mom laments
another broken paddle.
Honor is saved.

Oops, too hasty...

Angry Mom laments
another broken paddle,
but honor is saved.

There's a trick you do
To get top Decathalon scores
But it tears your palm

Atari Pac-Man
The ghosts flicker on and off
Nothing like arcade

'Jungle Hunt:' the game
where when you beat it, your prize:
play again, faster


Walk into a wall
in 'Berserk!' and your fate will
sound like this: "BZZT! BZZT!"


Clouds? No clouds? Should the
bullets bounce, or should they not?
Choice: thy name, 'Combat'

Atari HomeRun
So Many Runs, So Goofy
Run, Men, Run Around!

Donkey Kong, my love
rescue the princess quickly
jump over barrels.

We're goin riding
on the Freeway with love
and a hard joystick.

One button, one stick
eight directions to play with
but where is the joy?

Imperial Walkers
shooting them takes way too long
blinking box means death

Using the Force, Luke
Becoming Invincible
Laugh at Death I do

Random Launch the Shots
I try to hit not a thing
All to See the Egg

Dennis Kucinich
Using dead soldiers for gain.
Suck this joystick, bitch!

Ah, pixellation
We knew no better back then
Now it's eBay time

Bless'd dot unseen
So many hours Adventured
What an Easter Egg!

- The Soulful Blogger

Basic Progamming
About one hundred bytes to
Write your shitty code

Space Invaders cheat:
Reset down, flip power on
Double Shots for you

Indy 500
Came with own controller. No
other game would use.

centipede....fire, fire!
faster!! blasting bits and pieces
falls the spider!....SLAM.

Atari Asteroids
I can't steer the fucking ship!
Turn you cocksucker!

Yup.......I think I stained my chair on that one:)

Damn...and all these years I thought haiku was 36-24-36....

Well, a little late to the party, but what the hell...

Broken controller
The guy won't run to the right
Plastic piece of crap

Yellow Pac-Man runs
Trying to eat all the dots
Ghosts plan otherwise

Must see the doctor
My thumb hurts oh so badly
Damned Space Invaders

Space Invaders Rocks
With One Hundred Different Games
Exactly the Same