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one beam

[click for bigger image]7 World Trade Center was the last building to go down, and it will be the first building to go up. The first steel beam of the WTC was erected yesterday at 7 World Trade Center. It marks the official beginning of the reconstruction of the area.

The American flag that flew below the beam was made by Afghanistan craftsmen in memory of September 11, 2001.

7 World Trade Center burst into flames and collapsed seven hours later after it was hit by debris from the towers.

We are moving on and rising up. We will never forget, but we will not curl up in the rubble and die, either. The New York City skyline will never be the same; none of us will ever be the same. But we can adapt and we can look at the rise of new buildings as another stage in healing.


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Though I hate the new design, I can't wait to look out my office window and actually see the top of the building sticking out of the trees again...

Great to hear this.
Another ray of hope.
Makes our day brighter.

May it stand tall, always.