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Worst Game Ever: The "winners"

It took a lot of contemplating, research and consulting of People With Opinions, but I finally have the winner for Worst.Video.Game.Ever.

Winners, that is. Because of the passion generated by the haters of both E.T. and DaiKatana, I am awarding them each a Comic Guy statue.

An Atari 2600 game that took only six weeks to produce and was rushed onto the market for the Christmas season. Obviously, there was no time test the playability or it would have never been released. One hopes, at least. Supposedly, so many people were angered at the lameness of E.T. that they returned the cartridges to Atari in droves. Adding insult to injury, Atari had produced over five million copies of the game, anticipating that it would be a huge seller, but word got out that it was the most wretched game to bear the Atari name. E.T was basically unplayable. The object was to get the little guy home, but there were so many pits that completing the game was nearly impossible. Legend has it that there were more copies of the game left on the shelve than sold, all of which were crushed and buried in a secret New Mexico landfill. It's said that E.T. was the beginning of the end of Atari.

I don't know much about this game; I've never played it. But the votes came in heavy for DaiKatana and some Googling and research and a couple of phone calls later, I had to agree that Dai-Katana deserves one of these awards. I'll leave it another blogger to describe the fiasco of this game:

Dai-Katana. That career ending, over-hyped, unplayable and uninspired monstrosity by Mr. Romero.

Remember the ads for this game? "He's gonna make you his Bitch!" Turns out the only folks he made his bitch were the ones that shelled out $50 for the game, which was vastly behind schedule, and even farther behind the technology of the day. It was one of those "we dicked around until technology left us in the dust" stories.

Design, Produce, Test, Distribute. It's easy, folks.

So, to E.T, DaiKatana and their creators, I offer you this little award to put on your mantle: