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Steinbrenner redeems himself


What the hell went on in Steinbrenner's office?

Oh, let's see. How do we counteract the fact that we just lost Andy Pettitte? Ohhh, I know, let's sign trade for a 39 year old pitcher for 15 million dollars a year! Oh, we are geniuses!

Hey, Brown and 38 year old Ruben Sierra can sit around and talk about the good old days when they had to walk uphill to school both ways!

My god. It's not even pitchers and catchers season yet and I'm burning George in effigy already. It's freaking Black Thursday for Yankee fans.

Update: The anonymous person who emailed me the Yahoo article on Pettitte:



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in the end they will end up paying more for his replacements than the $52 million over 4 years that it would have taken to get pettitte back.
by the way they didn't sign brown, they traded for him. instead of wining and dining sheffield and trying to resign wells, the fat fuck who lost us the damn world series, big george should have been on the phone trying to retain pettitte, just like he did with bernie a few years back. it just makes no sense!!!

Of course, you miss the fact that Jeff Weaver has been exorcised removed from the roster.

Brown's a great pitcher if he's healthy; he was more effective last year than Clemens, Pettitte, Mussina or Vazquez. I'm not saying I would have let Pettitte walk, but for 2004, Brown could well be an upgrade.

While this move may come back to haunt the Yankees in the long run, because it does make the team yet older and more fragile (especially if they sign Sheffield, too), in the short run it isn't a terrible move. If Brown is healthy next year, the Yankees have a great rotation again: Mussina, Brown, Vasquez, Lieber, Contreras. That rotation, if healthy, beats the Red Sox big five, and this year that's saying something.


Pedro, Shilling, Lowe, Wakefield and probably Kim (hopefully not, but hey, I'm not managing) is going to be the most powerful starting 5 in baseball next year. The only thing missing from that starting 5 is a powerful leftie but there's still plenty of time. I'm VERY confused as to where you get the idea that the above Yanks lineup would trump it....

Think of it this way - the Red Sox have made all the right moves and the Yankees have screwed up royally. The Sox are an absolute lock.

And, next year this time, we're still going to be hearing about the "Red Sox" curse.

The joy in baseball is not when the Red Sox lose to the Yankees. It's when the Red Sox field an all-star team that falls to a group of no-names who are never heard from again.

That said, I never understood why NYers were offended by a relief pitcher who was scared of subway freaks. "Back in the day", they'd have taunted him for being a scaredy cat. Back then, NYCers didn't play the victim - they punched you in the mouth. They were proud that NY was tough.