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i'm so verklempt

I am so upset over Andy Pettite leaving the Yankees that I must go out for a very unhealthy, fattening, expensive lunch.

The last time I was this upset about a sports figure leaving a team was in 1983.

I need a moment to myself. With a bacon cheeseburger deluxe, french fries and a chocolate egg cream.


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yeah, you and me both, I'm sad we Minnesotans are such a cheap ass team that we gave up Hawkins and Guardado... ??? hello, no pitching staff, means no winning.

I need a moment to myself. With a bacon cheeseburger deluxe, french fries and a chocolate egg cream.

And a tequila slammer. Or two.

Typical George. Guy does his job for years, never pops off in the press, about as good a "role model" as you're going to find in New York ... who needs him?

The yankees winds, they are a changin'.


it's lookin' like a good Christmas...


Jingle Bells,
Jingle Bells,
New York Smells!



Go Mariners.

i'm a lifelong bosox fan--thank you, comrade stalinbrenner, you are our only hope...

and i cant believe someone screwed up the jingle bells/smells thing (it has been used enough... enough that he shouldnt even have been using it, so it's a double foul). jim s wrote:

Jingle Bells,
Jingle Bells,
New York Smells!

holy superfluously incorrect second line, batman. now let's go find the batmobile's lost wheel...

I've been a very big Pettitte fan over the years. But, in all honesty, if he's happy going to a 2nd or 3rd place, non-playoff team, I'd rather the Yankees get a good pitcher who wants to be in the Bronx and pitching in the World Series in 2004.

Good luck in Houston, Andy, with run support of 2.8 runs per game and the entire month of October to go hunting.

I think the best line about this has come from FAD

"Now that Andy Pettitte is no longer a Yankee, I wonder if the "best pickoff move in baseball" will suddenly become the balk it has always been. "

I don't think you can blame this one on King George. Pettitte was leaving regardless of what the Yanks did. He wanted to play close to home and wasn't really cut out for the atmosphere in NY.

You could say the same about so many players who left Boston for similar reasons. Bruce Hurst immediately comes to mind, and, to a certain extant the whole "get A-Rod, dump Nomar" stems from an awareness that Nomar isn't really comfortable in the alway on, high hype atmosphere of baseball in the northeastern cities.

This is how everyone else feels when the Yanks sign away their star players...

(nelson)Ha ha!(/nelson)

We've got him here in Houston.

Yes, Jason, but we gave away Billy to make $ room. How much sense does that make? A guy who appears in almost half the games versus a guy who at MOST will appear in a fifth of the games. Although, if they DO make the playoffs, they now have a better than zero[subliminalmessage]postseason series victories[/subliminalmessage] chance of actually advancing.

Look at it this way-- the Yankees' mess (such as it is, though it may straighten out before too much longer) will be nothing compared to Boston next year if they can't land A-Rod and have to deal with Nomar and Manny being sullen.

Then next best thing to winning, after all, is indulging your schadenfreude at the expense of your enemies.

And look, you got a young and spry Kevin Brown for Jeff Weaver and some minor-leaguers...

"I don't think you can blame this one on King George."

Actually, I think you can. I'm not even a Yankees fan, and I had heard the reports during the season that the Yankees were thinking about getting rid of Pettite. By the time they threw some money on the table at the last minute, I suspect Andy had already made up his mind to tell them to bug off.

Serves you right for rooting for an evil empire and wishing ill will towards the Sox. As someone recently noted, rooting for the Yankees is like rooting for the house in blackjack. The Pettitte departure is just the latest bit of karmic payback Yankee fans have long deserved.