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another award

If there was a Weblogger of the Year Award, I would give it to Jeff Jarvis. And I just might make up such and award and give it to him.

For all he has done to help make blogs recognized by mainstream media, he would get it alone. But even more, he would get such accolades for helping Iraqi bloggers get their voices heard. Thanks to Jeff and the camera he sent to Zeyad, we can see what is really happening in Iraq first hand.

Thanks, Jeff. You've done an amazing thing.


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I second that emotion!

Great idea, Jeff does a superlative job!

I voted for him in the Best Media Blog or whatever it was called. And that one had more blogs I actually read than any other category.

Not only Iraqis, but he has also spotlighted many Iranian bloggers as well. Good man!

Is the media going to cover this demonstration??!!! Ever?!!

Damn I'm disgusted. Story is beried if it's there at all. Sneering pieces, scare quotes on the word 'terrorist' all over the place and the numbers exaggurated downward. "Who are these pissant Iraqis to want freedom anyway, don't they know that's bad for Howard Dean and John Kerry? Shut those people up."

Well done, giving people a voice is always a good thing.