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choose your own video game adventure

So, what shall we cover tomorrow? PC games? Old school console games (Atari, Oddysey, Coleco, Intellivsion)? A specific genre of games? Name your poison and I'll serve it up.


How about worst games. I nominate the ET and Raiders of the Lost Ark Atari games.

how about... 2d fighting games? mortal kombat, street fighter, etc.

damn, what was the name of that one that had two joysticks, and it was done by points a la The Karate Kid? i can't believe i don't remember...

Best Atari 2600 games would be good. I nominate the little known Dragonstomper, one of the Starpath Supercharger games, and the only real RPG for the 2600 that I am aware of. Imagic games like Atlantis and Cosmic Ark would have to get honorable mentions as well.

How about the early limited 3D stuff that knocked my socks off way back then.

Star Raiders with it's fast moving and rotating 3D star field and satifying 3D shooting was the reason everyone bought Atari 800's and Atari 400's. It was the one of first games out and it was wonderful.

Poll position.

Red Baron (the color version).

The first fast animated 3D game I remember on a home machine was a capture the flag game in a maze, I don't remember what it was called by it included a 3D graphical wind effect.

Battle Zone (I know we already touched that one)
Tail Gunner.

There was a really good Battle Zone like program on the Atari that was developed by an English company and published by Synapse, but I can't remember what it was called. It was low rez, but very fast and smooth. It was also much more involved than Battle Zone, with multiple tanks and shots at once, including models that could lay down a real barrage. To make it between levels you had to survive a "hyperspace jump" that involved dodging hundreds of missiles... I have a suspicion that they never actually programmed the ninth level and simply made the "jump" to that level inherently impossible.

You know there is a new version of Intellivision? Its a small box to hook up to the TV and has a selection of the games from the original. At least in the UK is pretty damn cheap.

Radio Shack sells an atari pong machine that's entirely housed in an old fashioned atari joystick.