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what i need is a "shut down" switch

Hey, I think I'm holding up pretty darn good with my vow to not blog news or politics for a while. It hasn't had the desired effect of de-stressing my brain and nerves, but that's because I have a 13 year old daughter and she has almost completed her desired effect of sending me into a complete meltdown.

I can imagine the conversation years from now:

"Mom, what was I like when I was a teenager?
"Damned if I know. I drank a bottle of Jack Daniels every night so I would be too drunk to kill you."
"Wow. Jack Daniels saved my life."
"And mine honey. And mine."

I drink because I care!

Actually, I'm drinking herbal tea. Raspberry Zinger with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. I have the headphones on. Nine Inch Nails.

Hey, what's with you people and Nine Inch Nails, anyhow? Why does everyone think that whatever came after Pretty Hate Machine sucked? I love The Fragile. I think it's a work of art, a piece of musical genius overflowing with emotion. Yes, sometimes it sounds as if Trent took a bunch of guitars and ran them through the "noise" filter on Photoshop (ok, you have to imagine there that you could actually Photoshop a sound to understand that). But it's beautiful and heartbreaking and it's just loud enough to drown out my son's guitar playing, which sounds like it was put through a "I want play guitar in an emo band" filter.

So, tea. Trent Reznor. Christmas shopping at Amazon (I'm getting a GameCube for Christmas!). Husband cooked dinner and did the dishes. Kids in another room watching the Billboard Awards.

Something is going to go wrong eventually. I better go get some playtime in while I can.


I actually prefer The Fragile to The Downward Spiral. It's not Pretty Hate Machine, but Trent has moments of raw emotion combined with catchy hooks surrounded by noise. Good stuff.

What game do most dream about for the GC? I've got one myself, but play mostly football.

mmmm.... gamecube, finally broke down and bought one when they released the version will all the old zelda games with it

Sean, I'm looking forward to playing the Zelda pack.

I wouldn't say everything after PHM sucked. I liked Broken. TDS was all right, but not as earthshattering for me as it was for others. The Fragile ... was more of a letdown than anything else. It took him five years to make it, and I thought that after five years we'd get something spectacular, and it wasn't.

If you get one game for the GC, get Metroid Prime.

Other recommendations: one of the Rogue Squadron games, Eternal Darkness (A deeply creepy Lovecraft-inspired horror/adventure game), and Super Smash Bros. Melee (a game with apparently limitless replay value).

Pikmin's pretty nifty as well.

Hi Michelle,

I'm with you on the Reznor/ Fragile thing.

A question: Last week you posted that NIN has an album forthcoming in 04, where oh where did you get that info? (My husband and I own a music store and there's been nothing - no pun intended - in any music or business mags, or on the net about a new release, that I've found anyway. Heck, I figured Trent had retired to farm life in PA.)

Way too old to be a NIN fan, but what the hell,

Wasn't a NIN fan but I remember a really funny line in the original Ellen show when she had the bookstore and mentioned the band: Nine Inch Hootie.