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on text adventures and reality tv

That text adventure post is going to have to wait until morning; it's a crazed homework/project night here.

Two things:

When I said text and graphic adventures, the graphic adventures I was referring to were mostly point-and-click games. Anything that wasn't either all text or pixelated graphics should not count for this category.

Also, and I am really embarassed about this - so embarassed that I've waited a whole day to type it out in such a public forum, but......

[I cannot believe that she chose Jason! What a superficial whore!]

If you don't know what that means, consider yourself lucky.


Don't worry about it Michele. Most of the country watched that crap last night too. :)

[I cannot believe that she chose Jason! What a superficial whore!]

Was there ever any doubt? I knew the outcome to this show from moment one, and I never watched a single episode.

No! No! over here! In the gravel pit!


Oh, please, Michelle...I knew the moment that the hunks were brought on three weeks ago, and she started her Pavlovian salivating, it was curtains for the (not-quite) Average Joes.

"Jason's so Pretty..."
Lip locking in the Limo (how's THAT for alliteration).

It was in the cards.

Adam got off lucky, I think. The real losers were those who actually watched the entire run of this dreck (I only watched the first, and the two before the final).


Michele, if an intelligent woman like yourself can't resist the inexplicable allure of reality TV, I find it hard to be optimistic about the future of Western civilization!

I'd rather have dental work done than watch any of those shows...

And of course we all know that intelligent people cannot be entertained with mindless drivel!!


Well, at least we know she's more shallow for looks than a gold-digger, right?

I didn't watch more than half an hour of Average Joe, but I, for one, am glad to see a reality show acknowledging the truth of shallowness, as opposed to forcing a hackneyed happy ending (I'm looking at YOU, Joe Millionaire).

Michele honey......that shit will rot your brain..

I don't know what that means, except that yeah, it's about some "reality" show.

Trouble is, that isn't Reality at all.
Or is it irony?

Wow, now I feel like a big geek. I was too busy watchin the remake of Battlestar Galactica...

hey, but at least explained it by actually saying she was too shallow for Adam.

I'm thankful that I'm not the only one who was embarassed by being pissed at that stupid little hussy. No AJ2 for me, thanks!

I'm with you, Michele. What are the odds that relationship lasts a month? This was something like the best-case scenario for exposing shallowness: Dude 1 is good-looking but has NOTHING else going for him. He's insincere, dumb, has no career prospects, and lives with his damn parents. Dude 2 is a self-made millionare with a winning personality (and big teeth) who is sincere. Yet she picks Dude 1..