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update to that car accident

I found out what happened to Cheryl. The WABC message boards report that she was rear-ended and her SUV flipped over, so she was hanging upside down, held in by her seatbelt, when she yelled out to Curtis and Kuby to call the cops. She was taken to the hospital and her injuries are not life-threatening.

Of course, someone had to mention that she was driving a "dangerous" SUV. Hmm..she was rear-ended on an icy road. Yea, must be the SUV.


Just once wouldn't it be nice to hear that her life was probably saved because of the SUV.Dream a little dream...

They have a higher percentage of rollovers and front-side impact damage than all other classes, making them dangerous in my eyes. Of course, this is a stupid simplificiation because every class is goig to have standouts and lowlifes in it.

On the other hand, they're gas guzzlers and pollution producers, by far causing more deaths and global warming than other vehicles. Future generations will curse them.

Was is a Ford Exploder?


Look, I still think the issue was the cell phone. I mean yes, she was rear-ended, which would automatically make you think that it wasn't her fault, but I've been in a situation more than once where the person in front of me, chatting away, isn't paying attention to the car in front of them who is slowing or stopped. The cell phoner then slams on his/her brakes at the last minute and stops in time to not hit the car in front of them, but that causes me and everyone behind me to also slam on our brakes and on an icy road a sudden stop=serious potential for an accident. Yes, I usually try to look more than one car ahead of me, but one distracted driver is a danger to those in front AND in back of them. I would be willing to bet money that this woman's cell phone use played a part in her accident.

Gee, since the left refuses to accept any FACTS about global warming and greenhouse gases, I guess I am going to drive my SUV even more. Give me a farging break Comrade Finn. If you really love the environment. Get rid of you heat, air conditioning, electricity, any car you own or motorcycle for that matter, and go and live in a hut and dig for roots with a sharp stick. Because if you use ANY modern technology, you are just a guilty as those you castigate. Either live what you preach or be honest in your comments.

Unless this woman was crossing lanes, being rear-ended can not be the fault of the cell phone, or the "dangerous" SUV.

"The cell phoner then slams on his/her brakes at the last minute and stops in time to not hit the car in front of them, but that causes me and everyone behind me to also slam on our brakes . . ."

Sorry, but if you are behind someone, it is your responsibility to make sure you have plenty of room to stop REGARDLESS of the circumstances. If someone slams on their brakes because of traffic, a moose, or a child running across the road - it is YOUR duty to be able to stop before hitting that person.

If the person in question was weaving between lanes, of course, all bets are off and I would blame the driver.

because the SUV is the safest vehicle on the planet! Except for anyone outside that SUV, or something.
All I know is it's hard to see around it in traffic, even as a pedestrian. And I rarely see more than one person in one. And they are usually on the phone.
Maybe it's just where I live.

She actually had pulled off to the side of the road to make a cell phone call (good) to a radio talk show (weird) right after a snow storm when the shoulders were small (stupid).

Did full-size vans used to get the kind of abuse that SUVs get now? Or 4wd pickups? I don't see how SUVs are that much different. What was the great automotive bogeyman for the previous generation of quivering tree-huggers?

As for cell phones, they can be distracting but so can eating, playing with the stereo or talking to a passenger. You have to use them with some common sense, but they are no more inherently dangerous than drive-through lanes.

Being anti-SUV is the new political correctness. You'll find that those who obsess over SUVs and their drivers have no interest in talking about work vans, large pickup trucks, or anything non-SUV-related. That would require logic, you see, and using logic doesn't feel nearly so good as joining with the rest of the SUV crowd to rant about the environment, terrorism, and how you can't see around the Yukon in front of you.

What WebWench said, with the added bonus that the EvilSUV category includes not only the largest MegaFords and Hummers, but also smaller little comparatively efficient cars like the RAV4 and its competition. Hell, the new BMW X3 isn't any "bigger" than an old Subaru or Volvo station wagon, and probably gets better mileage than that '79 245 that the damn hippie's driving to the co-op. (This is not, however, meant to disparage Subarus or, especially, Volvos. Just to make a point, that SUVs are a broad class with extremes on both ends, and plenty of older cars (or newer performance cars) get "bad" mileage too.)

Christ, now I'm geting attacked for physical fact. Sheesh.

Excuse me while I laugh my ass off.

I'm an evilll SUV owner, I'm also an evilllll 4X4 full sized pickup owner, own an evillll cellphone which I carry at all times when driving...and to top it off..(should I even say it?)..I'm an evillll gun owner.

Damn..that's a lot of evil.

Course, none of that evil stuff could have anything to do with the fact that we own a ranch, raise livestock, live in an area where dirt roads outnumber paved roads about 30 to 1 and are currently sitting under a lovely layer of snow and ice. It also couldn't have anything to do with the fact that 60 percent of the accidents in my area are caused by Kamikaze deer, and the human injury rate in a small car is almost triple what it is in a pickup or SUV.

Maybe I should attempt to be more politically correct and tow a stock trailer with a Prius, protect my newborn livestock by yelling "SHOOOOO" at the coyotes..or even better, not raise livestock at all, and set them all freeeeeeee because, well, it's evil to raise anything for the benefit of humans.

Naw, I'll just happily live my life in flyover country, where the sky is a gorgeous blue, where people are free to make decisions on what works best for their family and their lifestyle, and where they don't give a damn about what is politically correct this week.

Isn't it nice that we live in a country where we can make our own choices?

I look forward to the day when I can have a conversation on the cellphone while driving my SUV to the gun range only a few miles from my suburban home to pop off a few... alas, the SUV won't be available until February... sigh, what shall I do, how shall I redeem myself...

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