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oh, henry

Reason #4,563 why I love Henry Rolllins.

[thanks to reader curt for passing the link along]


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Now I have 1 reason why I don't want to see him drawn and quartered.

Fellow Rollins fan???

I like you more every time I read this stuff.

Im a Rollins fan. Granted his stand-up comedy special aried on Comedy Central a few years ago was tragiclly boring and legitimately insane, but Rollins is very much a follow through kind of guy. Why Robin wants to see him drawn and quartered i have no idea, maybe she has her reasons, but as far as i'm concerned: Rollins has done nothing but stick to his philosophies and put his voice and opinions out there in all different forms of media and communication. I believe he is an admirable character.

Spoken Word. What he does is NOT strictly comedy... it's Spoken Word.

"Bored, hell yeah, but not crazy". This was one of the funniest punch lines I've ever read. Anything he wrote other than comedy was a snoozer to me. Anyway, well done Henry.

Apparently, I'm even more geezerated than I thought. I have no idea who he is.

But the article was cool.

IIRC, Rollins can be generally annoying due to several of his punk ideological tenets that are typcially long on adolescent socialistic posturing and short on reason. Tho, I don't know whether he still buys into that stuff much or tries to sell it.

Regardless, classy move on his part.

Damn straight Rollins - you're lovingly insane, but good thing you're doing there.

Russell, I don't know. I heard a Rolland's spoken word bit once and I was impressed how sane and down to earth he seemed. I know one listen isn't enough to make a judgement but I'd guess he's got better perspective and less "I'm a tragic hero" bullshit going than any puck rocker in history.

I remember about twelve years ago (good god that makes me feel old) working on a stage crew when Rolins started his spoken work gig. Three hours into his self absorbed prattle I was about ready to storm the stage so I could go home. I think the only thing that kept me from pulling the plug on the show was that Rollins outweighed me by about a hundred pounds and could have beat me into a pulp. Instead I decided I would live in a fantasy world where Rollins and the rest of Black Flag perished in a tour bus accident and he never became a spoken word artist.

After that article, however, I find my reassesing my view. Good on you Rollins. I admire what you're doing for the troops.

Well, that is interesting. Usually Rollins makes me want to get drunk and sleep for nine hours. I am curious about his comment:

“What I didn’t expect was to meet so many bright, amazing people, who are so focused on their jobs, so highly educated, and so fully intense; and I’m quite in awe.”

Considering that he is,let us say, "less than conservative" in his political view I would have to suppose that he thought we were all robots or mouth breathing morons.

That is so awesome. I've been a Rollins fan for years and I'm glad to see stuff like this. I'm looking forward to his next spoken word tour and what he has to say about his experience.

Henry's the man. He's always been the man. He will always be the man. that is all.