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crash and rock

Listening to Curtis and Kuby on WABC, as I always do on my way to work, I "witnessed" a car accident. A woman was on the phone with the duo, screeching about Michael Jackson, when another screeching - that of car tires - sounded through the phone. The next thing I heard is the woman, Cheryl, yelling for help. Curtis tried to get her to say where she was, but apparently her phone had fallen out of her grasp during the crash. They could hear her, but she could not hear them. She was just yelling "Curtis, call the cops!" Then there was the voice of man and the sound of him banging on the window. He said he would call an ambulance and try to get her out of the car. Curtis and Kuby were going to try to get an update on Cheryl, but I pulled into the parking lot at work before they were able to give anymore details. Totally unnerved me for the last half of my ride to work, though.

In blogging news, Sour Bob is back and stills somewhat sour, though not as much. His writing still rocks. Speaking of rocking, my favorite rock critic from the days of my misspent youth, Wayne Robins, has a blog and you should all go read it. And, speaking of people who rock, Jane and Jay of the Daily Rant are now at Classless Warfare.


I hope she's ok.

However, is driving really the best time to call a radio station?

Isn't there a law against that in NY?

even if it's not...
Hang up and drive.

I second Rob's comment above.

$5 says her talking on the phone was what caused the accident.

isn't there just an outside possibility that the whole thing was staged for shock value?

I mean, I didn't hear the show or anything, but I would think in a situation like that, they'd cut to a station break or something and try to figure out what could be done to help.

then again, I'm just cynical.

O&A would have just run with it.

but then, they're not around any more

Hmmm. Taking on a cell phone while driving in morning rush hour traffic. Why do the phrases "Darwin Award" and "Thinning the Herd" immediately come to mind?

Some people just don't understand that driving a vehicle requires a major part of one's concentration. What can be done to either (1) re-educate these people so they understand this; or (2) remove these menages from the roads. After all, where does it state that driving is a god given right?

... and idiots like that are why it's illegal to talk on the cell phone while driving. I think she just proved the point -- maybe more cell-addicted idiots will put them down, now (but I won't hold my breath).

Update for the uninformed - the caller had pulled over to the side of the road to talk. She was rear-ended while she was on the air. She spent some time in the hospital but is okay. She spoke on air from the hospital with the "Good Samaritan" who got her out of the car.

I hope she's ok. I think she won't talk on the cell phone again while driving. And perhaps some other people will learn something from it... let's hope.