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if i can't win, i may as well try to control who will


I did mention that I could be bribed and David took me up on it. For his $7.50 he gets a link every day until the awards, along with a testimonial.

Who cares that I already donated a nifty button to another competing rodent? I think the fact that I am offering my votes for money and/or wishlist items lets you know right off the bat that I'm on the take.

My testimonial for Dave tonight is this: Where else will you find a man so willing to entertain his readers that he posts a picture of himself in a cow suit? Nowhere.

Want to buy my vote? Telephone operators are standing by. Don't hesitate, time's a wasting.

I do hope you realize this is all in jest.


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Now that is the entrepreneurial spirit!

Off the topic, but did Amazon do something to the wishlist links? Everytime I click on someone's list all I see is my own. If they did, they're incredibly stupid, particularly in the holiday season.

Yep -- I originally tried to buy something for Michele from her Wishlist, but only got my list...hence the cold, hard cash bribe.

I'll give you ten bucks and another radio appearance if you never mention David's name again. :)

I'd give you money, but I'm not even nominated so you couldn't even plug my worthless site. Sigh, I can't even BRIBE people into visiting me.

Man, I'm pathetic.

Most wishlist links are put in like this: http://amazon.com/o/wishlist/wishlistnumberhere

You need to replace the "wishlist" part with "registry," like this:

But you didn't hear that from me!

And the "o" part stands for "exec/obidos." You didn't hear that from me, either. (It was from this guy.)

Whoa -- Cam is playing dirty now!

The amazon change explains why I don't have a Ferrari yet.

O well, maybe next year :-))

Very funny stuff!