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It's still a tie.

A half hour left until I have to declare co-winners, and I hate doing that.

Oh, and to the managers of Waldbaum's grocery store in East Meadow, NY:

Don't you think that plowing the lot would have been a good idea seeing as that people leaving your store have to put shopping carts filled with groceries to their cars? Those carts don't have snow tires, you know. I would very much like the fifteen minutes of my life that it took me to push $300 worth of groceries 1,000 feet to my car back.

Thank you.


Living many a winter in Buffalo taught me to leave the groceries at the front end and drive the car up to the store.

Same thing goes for the bastards at the Super Duper Stop and Shop and Mega Whorehouse down the block. I could barely walk to my crappy car.