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a change in atmosphere

Iíve got nothing today. Not a damn thing. And you know why? Because itís Monday and during the week my usual morning/afternoon writing deals with the world at large; war, terrorism, etc.

I learned that when you feel like you are pushing something that wonít budge, itís best to let it go and come back when you have more strength or find a new way to tackle the problem.

Itís not that I stopped caring about the news. I care a lot. Iím just tired of writing about it. Thereís only so many ways you can say the same thing over and over again. I already put a moratorium on writing about Ted Rall and Indymedia and Democratic Underground. Now itís time, for a few weeks at least, to shove the rest of the news off of this page as well.

I know Iím defined by some people as a warblogger or a news blogger. If thatís what you come here for, you will find this page devoid of any of the usual stories about Bush bashing or the war on terror or what the left is doing and what the right is doing while the left is doing that.

Iíve been having way too much fun writing about video games the past couple of days. Writing fluff like that does not aggravate me. It does not get my blood boiling. It does not put me on edge and make me want to simultaneously smoke a pack of cigarettes, drink a bottle of vodka and stab myself in the brain with a Q-tip.

I need to relax a little bit, bring it down from screeching heavy metal to a nice power ballad, so to speak. I prefer to spend my holidays relaxed and calm and I canít do that if Iím writing about this crap-infested world all day because I have a terrible tendency to take everything to heart and let the weight of the world take up residence on my shoulders.

Iíd like to say that I am going to take a complete hiatus and concentrate on decorating my house for Christmas and baking all kinds of cakes and cookies and carving homemade gifts out of the wood we gathered from the forest. But that would just be ridiculous because I donít bake and my decorating consists of hanging a Ninja Turtles Christmas ornament from the ceiling fan in the kitchen. As for the homemade presents, only a lunatic like Martha Stewart would do something like that when Amazon is just a click away.

And did I mention my kids are off from school for 19 straight days? And that we are forced to take a vacation during the same time here at work? Know what I mean about keeping my stress level down now?

Anyhow, what Iím getting at is the content of this here blog will be changing for the next few weeks. Itís just going to be a bunch of fluff about video games and music and movies and my kids and life in general. So if youíre looking for snarling rants about politics and war, come back in the New Year and weíll see what happens.

If youíre going to hang around, I promise to do my best to still entertain you even if Iím not cursing at Mark Morford. I can always curse at Axl Rose instead.


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The video game posts are fun (even though Krull didn't even come on the radar screen). If less news posts will make your Christmas better, then so be it. Your weblog is there for you. The rest of us are just along for the ride.

I felt the same way, which is why I'm just posting pictures for the month.

2004 is going to be a long one; rest up! We'll all be here when you return.

Write about the Garbage Pail Kids... they never lie.

I hope your hiatus doesnt include that article for the project we corresponded about. And Galaga is the best coin op game ever. I have it installed in my pc but it just aint the same, somehow, when it's free it doesnt feel right.

Hey, I like the video game theme, myself. Still going strong and I bet when my daughter gets a little older it will only get worse! Right now I am strictly a PC gamer, with a HUGE backlog of games to play and my wishlist at GoGamer.com is probably 80 items.

I need to find more hours in the day!

Strangely enough, though, I DO bake. Probably will bang out 15 different kinds of cookies by Christmas. Yeehaw! My wife does most of the real decorating, but I was able to corrupt our Christmas tree this year with like a bazillion lights!!! Damn tree is likely to collapse under it's own weight!

boy howdy i get your drift! just wading through the stuff i read either makes me furious or depressed -- or maybe i vascillate between the two. anyway, take a much-deserved break, rest up, recuperate, and annoy the kids. then come back and give'em hell. :)

I hear ya on taking a holiday breather. I am a divorced mother of three who is also in medical school at the age of 40. My winter break starts on Friday --- AFTER the exam in OB-GYN! Wooo hoo!

I won't be baking either, but I do plan to enjoy the lack of personal responsibility, and the opportunity to be a total slug without feeling like I should be doing SOMETHING. Note here that doing "nothing" at my house still involves cleaning, shopping, laundry, mom's taxi, etc etc. I just don't have to study or spend 12 hours at the hospital on top of it all. I majorly need a mental and emotional breather.... I also need to find the floor in this house. I don't remember what color the carpet is.

Sometimes we all "need" fluff -it's mental "dessert"!

Life is uncertain -Eat Dessert First!

I'm as sick of reading about the news as you are of writing about it. Fluff on!

maybe you could moderate a slade vs. quiet riot debate...?

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Fluff. It's like miringue cookies. Delicious, if made properly. Exquisite if made with love and skill.

Fluff away. You know we love you unconditionally.


Well, here's something that might give you a little something to say...

A new video game that challenges players to shoot down jets before they hit the twin towers.

Sheesh. I know they can't just sell Star Castle, Dig Dug, Galaga or Addams Family Pinball forever (well, I could play it forever) but who would have the stones to come up with this idea and market it?

Feelin' that.

I'm up writing five stories for my newsdesk, and my writing style is flowing like a rock through a Denny's straw.

No holiday on the horizon until at least April tho, and that'll probably be a working one. Sheesh...

Hello again, by the way.

Good move; sometimes you need a break from blogging, and sometimes you need a break from one kind of blogging. I find it hard to drop one kind of content for a stretch, but there are times when it's necessary for your sanity.

I'm sorry, I'm going to have to delink you now.

"hanging a Ninja Turtles Christmas ornament from the ceiling fan"


Everyone needs some occasional time away from the sound and the fury.
And if it turns out to be more than just a little time... well, I suspect there are plenty of us who'll come along for the ride wherever it may lead. ;-)

"miringue" cookies, I thought mirengue is some sort of saucy latin music.

dances around office to consternation of cat

Naw. I come here for the fluff about video games and music and movies and my kids and life in general. ;]

Really. I do. Quit looking at me like that.

Oh. Ok... I meant "your kids and life in general". I can read about my life when I write...