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the weblog awards: i can be bought

Perhaps you have noticed the lack of war/news blogging here lately. Contrary to what others are thinking, this does not mean that I have retreated in defeat. It just means that I'd much rather write about something else for a change so as not to get myself all worked up over world events during the holiday season, when I need to keep my stress level at a minimum.

Anyhow, there's campaigning to do. The Weblog Awards are upon us and I must take a stand on some issues.

First of all, this is supposed to be fun. If you take it too seriously, your head will explode and then where will you be next year? There is no category for Blogger Who Spontaneously Combusted Due to Taking Awards Too Seriously.

Unlike other blogging dog and pony shows, Kevin has seen to it that these awards stay lighthearted. If you keep your sense of humor about you when others are losing theirs, then you get to point and laugh at the others. It's just the way it works.

That said, I will now address the issue of campaigning for myself. Simply put, I am not going to be engaging in it and I'll tell you why: I'm not even close to winning. I think it's time to concede the race and throw my support behind other weblogs.

In best overall weblog, I am lagging seriously behind the leaders. 161 votes? Is that all my legion of admiring fans and stalkers could conjure up for me? Don't you love me enough to hack the system or cheat for me? Apparently not. And I've only got 116 votes in the Higher Beings categories. I'm not feeling the love here, people.

So who do I throw my hefty weight behind? Which blogs are so worthy, so stellar, so fascinating and amazing that I, a person of such stature that I only get 161 votes, should endorse?

That's easy. See, in the category of Raging Marsupials or Homicidal Marsupials or whatever the kangaroo category is, I am wholeheartedly supporting World Wide Rant.
Why? Because Andy gave me five dollars to do so.

Those who want to buy my votes can line up right there on the right. I have no shame, no morals. You can bribe me with dollar bills, tequila or compromising photos of Jason Kottke, Dave Barry, James Lileks or Charles Johnson. Ok, so maybe I do want to win. Even if I have to play dirty.

Anyhow, go vote for World Wide Rant so Andy can wire me that five dollars. It's almost lunch time and I'm hungry.


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I refuse to vote and can't bribe you for anything because?

The Daily Rant was left off the ballot completely.

Oh and we've changed homes by the way.....I haven't had a chance to send out an email.

I voted for ya... but which would you rather have: Lots of votes, or lots of presents from your adoring fans?

You realize, of course, that the payoff is contingent upon a WWR victory - and right now we're down by 9 votes.

C'mon people, you know you want Michele to get my five dollars. Work it, girl (and boy), work it.

M: OK, I shot you $7.50 via PayPal -- will you linkwhore for votes for my site? :-)

AH, remember folks...