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Video Hall of Fame Awards, Stage 3: The Rest of the Best of the Coin-Ops

This is the last coin-op entry, and then we move on to platforms (which will include the C64, Vic 20, etc. Won't somebody please help me break those things down into categories?).

There were too many nominated to get them all in the poll, so here are the most frequent nominees.

[Poll in extended entry]

You have the rest of the day to vote. We've got snowmen to build.


Best bet with the console systems is to break down by genre. Fighting Game, Platform, RPG, Sports, etc.

Funny thing about Pac Man is that even today it's still a fun game to play. Not a whole heck of a lot of "classic" games can say that...

(Please note; I said not a whole heck of a lot, not none)

Ok, I've got to be anal about something...

Technically, vector games haven't really been voted on. Despite the title of the post for the first ballot, only three of the five games were actually vector based. Defender and Tron were both bitmap based games.

A better voting sample would've been Asteroids, Battlezone, Star Castle, Star Wars, and Tempest. From what I can tell, those are the only five vector based games that were mentioned by people.

I think it's probably safe to say that Asteroids would've still won with that first ballot, but I would've liked to see Defender and maybe Tron on this one.

Eeek! All of the above except Q-Bert (ptooey!).

Is that how you spell ptooey?

You gotta include Bruce Lee on the Atari 800!

I'll never forget the funny sounds that game made.

Q-Bert is awesome! I even watched the cartoon on "Super Sunday." Yeah, the Q-Bert cartoon, Donkey Kong Junior (looking for his dad with the help of a motorcyclist), Pac Man (had a little spherical dog and cat), and there was a Pitfall cartoon too.

What other video games had cartoons in the Super Sunday lineup?

Hey, for old school home games people could vote for the one I wrote. Anyone remember a crystal castles like game with an editor and puzzle levels called "Lode Runner's Rescue" on the Commodore 64 and the Atari 800?

(There were IBM and Apple versions written as well, but Broderbund bought Synapse and killed those conversions even though they were complete. Feel sorry for the programmers who did those conversions - they never saw as cent of royalties for all their work)

Vote for me, my adoring fans!

Dragon's Lair had a cartoon also.

For console games you should probably break them down by generation. 16 bit, 32 bit, etceteras. That way the old Atari 2600 classics won't be going up against the beefy C64 games.

"beefy C64 games" Heh.

hey, i know. how about a poll "worst movie that was made from a video game"? i mean, there was mario brothers, street fighter, mortal kombat, final fantasy, etc.

well, looking at that list, maybe it should be BEST movie. they all kinda sucked.

the more i think of it, the worse this idea gets. hahahahah.