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logomania, part 2

So far, I've made Weblog Award buttons for Kelley, Allah, Andy and Erin. Erin's is all purpose. Anyone can use that.

[I put them all in the extended entry to be kind to dial-up users]


And Erin, in return, made this for me!

Oh, and I got my ass kicked at Yahtzee a few dozen times.

You have the rest of the night to vote for Stage 2 of the Video Game Awards (see post below). Stage 3 is tomorrow.


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Michele, I humbly seek your PS skillz. Would you be kind enough to make a button for Better Living Through Blogging?

Of course, I voted for you. Several times, in fact -- hey, it's legal. And I will, of course, explain the reasons for my vote over at my site later.

OMG, I am so stealing Erin's!!

So what do I have to buy you in order for you to make a button for me? Or can I just ask nicely? :)