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And the winner is (plus new category)


Asteroids kicks the collective ass of everyone else.

I'm working on a separate Hall of Fame page and I'll make the gaming thing a separate category so all the entries will be in one place.

Now, for the next category. We're still working with Coin-Ops here, remember. This will be for trackball games. There's a lot of nominees here, but you can still make more suggestions on this post. Pre 1995 is the only requirement.

You have a little bit before I make the poll; I've just been challenged to a game of Yahtzee by my son.


Oh, do I ever remember the blood blisters caused by getting the side of your hand caught in the trackball. Plus, when you were done, half of your hand was pitch black.


Actually Missile Command was great also. Can I make two nominations?

Ahhhhhh...ignore my previous comment! Centipede rulz the trackball category!

The marble would kick that little centipede's ass. Behold the power of the Marble!

Missile command.

Riyadh delenda est!


I tried playing the PC version with a mouse. Don't.

Missile command.The arcade game was great,and I had the additional delight of playing it on a system at work but with the added joy of a 100 watt stereo sound system for the audio.That rocked!

Marble Madness. Also, best music of any mid-80s game.

Atari Football, one of the first video games I remember apart from asteroids (sit down, used trac-ball)


Wasn't there one called xaxon or something? Zaxon maybe???

Here is a bit of news for you.

We need a RPG category.

Can someone explain the appeal of Asteroids for me? I never got it. I was too busy getting early onset carpal tunnel from whizzing around my yellow ship on those groovy blue lines avoiding those angry red X's.

Tempest is teh roxors, as the Youth of Today might say.

Woohoo!!! The Asteroids guys win!!!

Of course this means that I'm "winning" more on this board than I ever actually did in Asteroids. :)

Too late for the vote - but


The appeal of Asteroids is that Tempest didn't exist until several years later, Dan.

ok. atari football only got 4%, but damn, that was a fun game to play. you could like, work up a sweat trying to break an 80 yd play.

and yeah, your hands would end up black.

but it was all in good fun.

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