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I've had Photoshop open most of the day. I get that creative urge whenever I'm stuck in the house because there's fifteen feet of snow outside.

I'm honing my banner/button making skills. And I made this for anyone who is nominated in the Weblog Awards. I'm also taking requests. If you want a button or banner for the awards (vote for me, don't vote for me, I'll kill you if I don't win, It's great just to be nominated, etc.) just drop me a note. I'll be here all night.

Graphic below. Feel free to steal it. Save to your own server or I'll kill you faster than Eminem kills the president.



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As long as your stocked up with hootch and movies your all set for the storm

Hmmm, that would be strangely appropriate for the World Wide Rant. :)

Is it either/or? I'm not overly fond of monkeys.