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Video Hall of Fame Awards, Stage 1: Vector Coin-Ops

Here's how this is going to work [if you're late to the party, see here for reference]

I'm dividing the Coin-Op Category into three sub categories. Don't ask how I came up with the subs. I'm not sure.

And the nominees are:


Vote early, vote often, vote with your heart, not with your head. It is now 1pm EST. Polls close...later. Some time today.


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No Centipede?

What James said -- that's CRIMINAL!

defender wasn't vector, you know

And how can asteroids be first. It was so simple! Battlezone and defender had depth and tempest got mad twitchy in the high levels!

And Asteroids was never more than f****** rocks!

Wow, I outwitted a floating rock!