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will the scandals ever stop?



It makes me so darned mad that he can get away with this!!


I must be getting old, the crabbing about GW's Thanksgiving dinner fun n games (and lord, he didn't act any differently from any of the males in MY family when playing to the hungry hordes!) isn't any fun to even make fun of ....

Two weeks up to Thanksgiving...in both the newspaper food sections and on Food network TV, the continued suggestions (especially if one was having a ton of guests) of cooking two smaller turkeys..one to be immediately carved up and ready to serve and one as "presentation" turkey for the masses to "ooooh" and "ahhh" over.

And the 'funeral' controversy is even more desparation sh*t ... because Presidents historically do NOT go to soldier funerals. FDR didn't. Both LBJ and Nixon went to ONE a piece. Clinton and Bush, sr. didn't.

Wesley Clark, in this instance, is indeed Weasley Clark (and his minions of weasel followers)

Bring our toy soldiers home, so they can be set up in malls, where they belong this time of year.

The thought of that poor soldier being shipped off to some foriegn land to crack some nuts...