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weather happens

The news channels have officially gone mad. My impression of CBS, NBC, ABC and The Weather Channel:


They are calling it a blizzard. They're broadcasting live from Home Depot and the Long Island Expressway and the Parks Department and 7-11, waving their microphones and hoping to catch a car accident on tape. Stay home! Death will surely ensue if you travel! Hide the children!

Me, I'm going to the dentist at 10:00. Blizzard, schmizzard.

I'm not saying that it's not dangerous out there but take heed, people. If you drive like an ass, bad things will happen to you today. And you will deserve them.

I'm going to try to get the first poll up before the inevitable happens and the cable modem goes out.


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Very very cool pix. And this "blizzard" looks pretty pussified here in the city.


I don't understand why you get so pissy about the weather hype stuff. You did the same over Hurricane Isabel.

Me? I love it. The more hype the better. I love the shots of the reporter standing at the snowy intersection or, better yet, riding along with the guy in the plow truck.

Of course, I've been on the waiting list for two years now to go on one of those Texas A&M "tornado chaser" vacations, so I guess I'm what you'd call a weather junky.

"Storm of the Century. Death and Mayem. Mother Nature Seeks Vengeance on Hapless Humanity."

I love it all. Can't have too much hype in my opinion.

The Canadians are laughing at you.

So are the ex-Mainers.

I agree that it's not a region-paralyzing snow, and that people with 4-wheel drives should be able to get about without much trouble. But when it took me four hours to get home last night - a drive of 9 miles - I found it to be weather of some life-interrupting moment. And all I had to entertain myself was my digital camera, so a few photos of the experience wound up on my blog.

sigh Never mind. They just issued a freaking WIND CHILL ADVISORY in Florida.

Look out! It might get below 60 degrees!!!

In college, a bunch of us left Ohio for Panama City for spring break. Hit Birmingham AL and they had 3 inches of snow. Nothing like the joy of seeing AL state troopers put their lights on because you entered the interstate at a "high" rate of speed, and then turning them off because theyre too scared to pursue...BWAHHAAAHHAAAA

"Blizzard" was Christmas last year, and the similar mess we got a week later. This, this is nothing -- whenever I find myself anxious about the snow, I think "yeah, but I made it though last year fine, last year was much worse."

It does look fairly bad here in RI, and I guess elsewhere is worse. And now for the annual doubling of heart-attack incidents because 40-and-up men think they can still wield a shovel as they did at 18-24...

That's why I bought a 4-wheel drive years ago. Shovel the drive? Hah! The closest I come is when a plow goes by and leaves a 3-foot drify at the street end: I go through it after a small (eight foot) running start before it freezes, then back-and-forth to mash it down.

I had to do the walk, though, so as to get mail. Bought a "snow broom": a snow-blower, but only about a foot wide - works fine.

Hey genuis. Go drive in a blizzard. You are a real macho man. Its people like you who are makin my insurance rates go thru the roof.