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the white stuff

So, they were right this time.

They've upped the prediction to eight inches, which is fine with me because being stuck in the house for a day or two means I can enforce slave labor on the kids and make them work for their food.

The only thing I'm not happy about is the potential for lots of wind and driving sleet, which means downed wires, no electricty, etc. Meanwhile, I have lots of time to sit here and ponder the meaning of life as viewed through old video games.


Maybe this will help.

And you were referring to Florida as hell? I'm in shorts today! ;-p

LOL@ Robyn, I hear ya girl, shorts, t-shirt, bare feet. Beautiful day here. See Michele, I told ya to pack them kids up and head south. ;p

how jealous am I ????????? I want snow!!
and I'm in Toronto!!!!! where's mine??

We are supposedly getting a cold front through here tomorrow night. Upper fifties with a slight westerly breeze.

Wah! I want Ruby Tuesday's!

one year ago this weekend, i had exactly what you're sitting through....may you be one of the first to get that power turned back on.

Just got back from the airport:

Airline ticket: $350
Hotel: $220
Rental Car: $80
Army-Navy Football Ticket: $45

Missing it all (but still being charged for it all) because of the STUPID weather: Priceless

Though I think I'm in the minority here, I actually miss the snow!

I love it...I am sitting here looking out onto my small townhouse patio, my fake apartment christmas tree all lit up and three mini lit up trees outside...my cat lying behind me on the back of the couch and my dog snoring with her "Ducky" inbetween her doggy arms..soup is on the stove and I will have hot chocolate later. Life is really good sometimes:)