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snow job

Yes, there were server problems this morning and the site was down for a while. Life goes on.

So, what did I do with that extra half hour I usually set aside each morning for reading blogs and coming up with my morning post? I watched New York go into Defcon 1 (Snow Version).

thehorror.jpgYes, the world is ending! Gather the kids, head for the shelter and most of all, PANIC! Up to six inches of snow - that's right, Six Freaking Inches! My god, a small child could drown in that. Animals could get lost. We could all be stuck in our houses for at least several hours. Hours? What will we do? Cabin Fever awaits!

The morning news shows have already kicked into high gear. Storm Watch! Blizzard Alert! Friday Flurries! Saturday Snowstorm! Everyone, run out and get your snow shovels and halite and run to Old Navy to take advantage of their
sale on hats and mittens. And the milk! Don't forget to run to your nearest grocery store and use your cart to knock down old ladies and toddlers so you can reach that elusive gallon of milk. Then fight the old man in aisle one for a loaf of bread and stock up on batteries and tissues and bottled water.

This is all for a possible six inches. That's half a foot. Sure, this storm has nor'easter potential, which means lots of wind and maybe some driving sleet, but it's really not a panic situation. Getting stuck in your house for 24 hours at the most, before those plows hit your street, is not the end of the world. You will not starve to death. You will not die of thirst. You will not witness the demise of your family structure as the cabin fever and delirium sets in and you start
eyeing each other as hamburgers and hot dogs and your grandfather reaches for the machete with a wicked grin on his face.

Look at it this way. We all get to use the four wheel drive on our SUVs, thus justifying the existence of SUVs on Long Island for another year.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. I've got a ton of books waiting to be read and an economy size box of hot chocolate just sitting on the counter waiting to be called to duty.

[note: if you sent me email sometime in the past few hours to either the asv or command post mail, please resend]


6 inches! dear god woman! Pack the kids in the car and head as far south as you can! It's far too dangerous up there!
Good grief. Your news people sound like our news people when a tropical storm is on the way. Get your batteries, bread, water, canned goods. They think every single rain shower has the potential to become a hurricane of biblical proportions.

I miss snow days.

I turned on the TV at 7am and immediately they started trying to raise our anxiety level so I flipped around the dial from 4 to 2 to 5 to 7 etc. And then turned it off altogether.

You mean I have to wait until it snows to knock down little old ladies and toddlers in the grocery store? Darn!

Fuck. I really miss snow.

And I am not being sarcastic. I keep saying I want to move back north because winters don't bother me all that much. Of course, I then look at the real estate costs and property taxes and think that unless somebody offers me 6 figures to take a job there, it ain't happening.

Apparantly the concept of actually having several days worth of food in the house at any time and picking up a few packages of batteries at the Dollar Tree every few months is a little beyond most people.

As long as the power stays on, and the microwave and DVD player are operational, I'm good.

As long as your well stocked with booze I say let it snow

well, I live in Points South, so we very rarely get snow.

But when we do, Katie Bar the Door! (am I allowed to say that if I'm under 70?)

one of the most amusing things I saw was, when an ice storm was predicted, people at the grocery store were buying like six dozen eggs.

first off, how long do they expect to be incarcerated by the weather? It takes a long, long time to eat six dozen eggs, even if you have a large family and they are all on the Atkins plan.

and second, if the power goes out and you can't use your stove (a real likelihood in an ice storm), those eggs are not going to do you a fat lot of good.

my emergency plans include being sure I have a big big jar of peanut butter, a box of granola bars, and dried fruit in the house at all times. I figure any of those things will survive a lack of refrigeration, a long time sitting on a shelf, and, in the case of the granola bars, probably nuclear radiation as well.

I used to keep a box of chocolates in my emergency supplies as well, but somehow they kept disappearing without there being a real emergency...

Ricki dont forget the booze :)

Oh, they were predicting death, doom, and apocalypses here in the DC area last night.

And this morning? About an inch of rapidly melting slush. I didn't even have to use my ice scraper or my shovel to get my car ready. Just turned on my wipers and pulled out of the parking lot.

TV Weathercritters can be such fuqtards for ratings, no?

I'm waiting for some idiot newscaster to make the inevitable snow-terrorist connection. Six inches of snow! It is certainly the work of some terrorist mastermind with a weather machine! grin

First you complain about getting six inches, next you'll complain about getting a foot. Then your sex life will really go to hell.

Oh, wait, you meant snow??


This is what's so fabulous about Manhattan. No one blinks at the snow, mainly because we have a market of some kind on every corner and an army of delivery boys willing to brave the snow for us.

In Silicon Valley, CA, the threat of below freezing temperatures would send people into a panic. They were afraid that any cat or dog left outside would die, or would wind up frozen to the front steps.

Remember people. 4wd does not mean you can go anywhere. I just helped a neighbor get her Jeep unstuck. Somehow, my Crown Victoria had no problems getting out today.

I'd love to see how people would react to snow here in Tallahassee. "Mass hysteria" would probably be insufficient to describe it.

Sometimes I think I miss snow. Then when I go home to Boston for the holidays, the novelty wears off in about a day, or sooner if it's old, disgusting, car-exhaust grey snow.

I miss snow but not the cold.Where I`m at I wont see snow unless the earth gets knocked off its axis.I was in Jacksonville a few years ago when it snowed about 1 or 2 inches.Those people have no idea how to drive in snow.Apparently they thought the snow would give them better traction so they went faster.There were wrecks all over the place.

I thought we only saw this kind of blind, pants-wetting panic here in the South. The problem down here is that nobody knows how to drive in the snow. I won't venture out when there's snow on the roads...too much risk of some nincompoop slamming into me.

I'm in Seattle. One inch of snow is a sure fire way to shut the city down for days. And you'd think we'd know how to drive in the rain...we don't.

In all fairness, there's a LOT of hills out here, and ice does make getting around a bit tricky, but hell, if I even see ONE little snowflake in the sky, I'm leaving work early...

Then again, lately we have to deal with trees and tree branches falling from the sky more often than snow.

Come to think of it I don`t even have heat,just A/C which is on right now.I bought a space heater 2 years ago,just in case, but never needed it.I do however,have a few cases of MREs and various hurricane supplies,but if a blizzard were to hit Key West I`d be froze stiff.
Heck I don`t even have heat in my cars,they don`t need a thermostat.I didn`t even realise it until I drove to Indiana last month and tried to use it.

Hey, I'm still laughing over the "winter advisory" I saw on weather.com...You'd think we were in for a blizzard!

It's kind of a releif to know that media panic, when inclement weather is predicted, is not just a West coast phenomenon.

I still suspect it's more severe here. As Mary points out, here in Silicon Valley a mere tempature drop gets it started. But it's actually worse than that. Just a hint of rain will be the lead story on the evening news. OH MY GOD - IT'S GOING TO RAIN PEOPLE!!!

A simple threat of rain is all it takes here.

We don't panic up here. We just go out and hit something. Anything. You southerners oughta hear the traffic reports. It's insane out there. Now if I can only get home to the milk, bread and booze ...

Snow? Umm, what's that?

who lives in Orlando where the temp will only get to 60 today, but high 70's by Monday.