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worst. awards show. ever.

Considering that the video game industry has been the whipping boy of lawyers, parents and the moral masses lately, the Video Game Awards playing out on Spike TV tonight was not a very a good idea. Lots of beeped out words, half naked girls, guys showing their dicks and sex, sex, sex.

This ought to set back the PR machine about 10 years. Sometimes I long for the days of my Commodore 64.


I had a Vic20 before I got a 64. I remember playing Zork on a cassette tape drive. Jesus I'm old.

Was that before or after Frogger on Atari??

Getting a porn star (Jenna Jameson) to do the pre-show interviews probably didn't help either.

Of course, I didn't mind.

We need to start getting rid of channels when the freakin' Video Game Awards start getting televised.

Not to mention their credibility is nill. Checked out the "winners", including best game overall, Madden 2004. Are you KIDDING me ? Then, even better, best sports game.... NOT Madden 2004. Wait, how the ?

But the true test... Best game based on a Movie - Enter the Matrix. Which by all accounts - SUCKED.

SpikeTV is a lame excuse to have an entire network dedicated to the stuff on "The Man Show". Grow up already.

Feh. I got more enjoyment watching TechTV's review of the "Starsky and Hutch" game. "Plus, it's only 20 bucks!"

Dave, don't feel bad. The first computer game I ever played was processed by a machine with 1K of RAM running on PTOS (the Paper Tape Operating System). Input and output were through a teletype. Every move was then spooled out onto paper tape via a series of holes punched in the paper, and you had to load this data again before you could input your next move. Before that, of course, all we had were rocks to play with, which we threw at the ground for fun (I think that was the origin of the "first person shooter" game).

The show sounded somewhat interesting at first, and I wanted to watch it with my son, since we're both avid gamers. But I got a pretty good idea of the general tone when they announced that Jenna Jameson was going to be part of the action, and so we took a pass. Glad we did, too.

First video game I ever played was on an Atari system that attached to our TV. I think this was, like, 1974/75. First actual PC game I ever played, besides the GWBASIC ones that came with DOS, was a submarine game from Electronic Arts called "Gato," circa 1987. Things sure have come a long way in 16 years.

What cheesed me is the MTV-like predictability of it all. It was all about marketing. What got me is how little I care about most of the games mentioned. Hell, I used to buy 2-3 games a month. Now it is like nothing is interesting. The really interesting games, like my all-time favorite 'Thief' series, get no press. It is the standard over-marketed crap that plays like yesterday's over-marketed crap that gets all the buzz. Sad really...

So I didn't miss anything? I can think of half a dozen game developers I know who would throw back their heads and howl/laugh at the idea of Madden 2003 being Game of the Year.

The Video Game Awards sucked sucked! the music ~ the announcer was awful. there was no real expertise or panels involved. it seemed to be marketed to a bunch of dense basement jocks. there was nothing innovative or clever , or imaginative, or thought provoking. it was just a bunch of loud stuff on the screen that even dense basement jocks probably turned from. i really think people under estimate men. everybody is not a tom arnold wannabe! .....and nothing that got an award deserved it. not credability here. nope, none , nada, zip, zippo !

anybody know of a super smash bros. melee tournament anywhere around chicagoland . my son is like theeeeeeeeeee best !