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show and tell, part 3

Everyone once in a while I like to exhibit my husband's art. If he lets me. This was his experiment with using pieces of old cardboard boxes as a canvas.

I think I dated this guy once.

[click for bigger image]


Wow!! That's really really good. Kinda the "every boy" of today - and I mean that in a good way!

You and your hubby need to write and illustrate a book together. You make an outstanding team...

Very cool! Honestly!!

This is very cool, and I absolutely loved the portrait of the woman that you posted a little over a month ago -- Charlotte I think you called her.

Does your husband have a website with more of his art or do any freelance work?

Yes, but he says the site "isn't ready" yet. Damn perfectionists.

I would love to see this site when it's "ready." Has he considered doing prints of his stuff?

Very talented.

I love your husbands stuff!!!!!! LOVE IT!!
does he sells prints or what?

Very, very interesting. Reminds me of David Mack's wonderful Daredevil work.