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tonight's mailbag: barking up the wrong tree

I get mail, and some of it is idiotic.

Just because someone happens to be on my blogroll does not mean that I agree 100% with his or her views on life, politics, religion, sports or even comic strips.

If a person on my blogroll happens to say some rather rabid, foaming at the mouth, juvenile things on his/her own blog or in the comments on someone else's blog, I am not guilty by association. I am also not responsible for the things they write and no, I will not defend his/her words nor will I have a talk with him/her about their attitude. If this person wishes to continue making a fool out of him/herself then, by all means, let them at it.

I have a hard enough time keeping myself in line without babysitting other bloggers who rant and rave and wish death upon people. In fact, I do not even have a formal relationship with the person in question, so it would be quite presumptious of me to email this person and complain about their style.

I address this issue here, out in the open, because the email I received just now is not the first to bring up this subject and this particular blogger.

News flash, kids: "Warbloggers" don't have some secret membership club. We don't all know or even talk to each other (well, maybe there is a secret membership club and I wasn't invited). What one does is not indicative of what another feels.

I do understand part of the reason why the lot of you have emailed me. Sure, it's ok for you to ask if my opinion is the same as this person's. But don't assume it is. Not all "warbloggers" are made alike. Some of us know when to keep our barking down.


Yeah, some bloggers are not for everyone!!! I suggest your anonymous emailer take it up with him, although that's not likely to help matters!!!

I wouldn't belong to a club that would have me for a member!


If it turns out to be me, let me know and I'll buy you something off of your Amazon Wishlist for Christmas.

Then I'll go back to ranting, raving, and wishing death upon other people. Hey, it'll get some more scores going for the Dead Pool, right? ;)


You seem to forget that we are conservative males and therefor are frightened by self-assured, assertive women...so we were just frightened to ask!

No secret club? Oh foo.

Isn't any pro-war stance wishing death on others, but in a tacit, quiet, Nazi-collaborator kind of way? Not being facetious with the question. Someone shouting "Kill the bastards, and their progeny," at least has the courage of their convictions. One who says, "Take a couple hundred billion dollars and start shooting at whatever might be dangerous till I feel safer," is ignoring one's own quite direct support for the first sentiment. The first sentiment can't exist without support of those who accept the second.