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essential media 2003: the lists of the lists of lists

I'm making some lists and checking them twice. Lists of lists, that is.

It's time for that ubiquitous year-end roundup of everything and anything. Not being one to do things the plain, tired way, I'm going to make different kinds of lists. Sure, they'll still be about the same things, but it will be more fun to read. Rolling Stone is too snobbishly indie with their lists and People Magazine is too "beautiful people" for me.

Oh yes, I talked about this already, didn't I? You can just go there to see what I'm talking about.

Anyhow, the list making begins tonight tomorrow and continues on a not-so-regular basis until I'm done.

I'll be compiling all of the lists - mine and yours - and putting them into one large, ribbon-wrapped package in January, so you can, at the click of a link, look back in wonder on 2003 and maybe cry some bitter tears at how good the world of entertainment used to be and how crappy it is now, or you can just look back on 2003 and say, yea, that's the year I fell in love with Gollum.

Whatever floats ya.

I'm going to start with Most Disappointing Records of the Year, Not Including Anything That You Thought Would Be Disappointing To Begin With and Not Including Anything American Idol Related. While my list may be extensive, you are limited to one, but you may write as much as you want about it. That means now. I'll be working on mine.


Audioslave. Actually makes me wish for the tepid dying gasps of RATM (Renegades) and Soundgarden (Down on the Upside), respectively. But not for Chris Cornell's solo album.

Apart from that, I've been in a nearly-new-music-free zone for the last three years.

Since I don't know if you're going to have a category called Worst Records That All The Critics Creamed Their Pants Over, I'll mention the new Strokes album here.

Excellent category, Thlayli. And excellent choice.

Hmmm....the new Deftones album was definitely less than stellar, barring a couple of songs. Also, Metallica, but that has been growing on me more and more the longer I have it, so I'm torn.