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a veteran's call for help

Lou Dolinar of Newsday (and an official Friend of Bloggers) forwarded the following email to me, hoping that someone reading this can help a veteran out:

Lou, I am a 72 year old veteran who was stationed in Trieste from 1952-54. Am also the secretary of the NE Chapter of the 88th Div. We were known as TRUST TROOPERS, TRUST being a synonym for TRieste United States Troops. We were the replacements for last remnant of the 88th. Div.-from WW Two who had fought from Sicily to Trieste.

Lt. Col. Tom Cohoon Retired, started an impressive Web Page Oldsoldiershome.com some time ago to attract those Veterans who had been TRUST TROOPERS. I believe he is self taught as he tells me he had to learn HTML himself.

At this time he is reaching out for members to either help him with his Pages or to take it over completely. Where would I get started to learn the basics of Web Page management in order to keep this site alive a bit longer? Courses in a local schools, Reading, Library or whatever?

I have an eMac G4- OSX 10.2.8 - 256 MG - 1 GHz with DSL hookup. Although I have been Mac owner for 10 years I am a rank amateur to Web Page Management. I mostly use my computer for word processing and e-mail to my friends.

War is not the worst thing; The worst thing would be to forget those Veterans of the 88th who made the ultimate sacrifice. I would like to keep the memories of Trieste and our unit alive a bit longer. Any advice or direction you can give will be appreciated.


If anyone can help Gene out, or if you know of someone who would be willing to help Gene keep that site alive, please leave a comment saying so and I'll contact you. Thanks.


I can probably help him out with the pages - I don't know about taking over the site right now.

I have a friend who offered to host a site anytime to help someone out for me. I am not sure what this entails but he said he would. I have a domain that is not in use right now as well. My acumen on this stuff is pretty nil, so you'll need to let me know if this can help....

I host and would be happy to do so for this site, but I don't have the time (at present) to help much with maintenance. Consider all my bandwidth and disk space open to such a noble cause.

I know html and css pretty well, and I'm available to help out for as long as needed.

I can't help w/bandwith but I can help with site maintenance (html, css, etc.). Where does he live - I'd just be curious if he's local to anyone as that might be easier.

I don't have time to help with the page/layout stuff right now, but I'd be more than happy to host the site for free, indefinitely.

I wonder why he didn't just drop a dime to David Hackworth, who was himself a TRUST trooper in the late 40s, and has a website and all that as well. Sftt.com, or something like that.

I can't help too much other then to provide some good links so that Gene can also learn how to do some of it himself. I hope these help.

Html, Java, Flash, etc.

World Wide Web

Html Goodies

Easy Thumbnails

DOT Html

Merchant's Html

Web Workshop


Flash Planet

eXtreme Flash

XML 101

Web Developer.com

Web Reference.com

Java Boutique



Nutrocker's Html, etc

Freebie Links

WebMaster's Tools

#1 Freestuf

123 Webmaster

Michele, WOW, I am impressed by the response. It appears I will be overloaded with help! FYI & TINAV
@, Oceanside NY.
MY objective is to slowly take over partial responsibility
for the site as I learn the language & the mechanics.
Lee's answer sounded promising!
Dr. Funk, Hackworth's site has there own excellent agenda, " oldsoldiershome " look's to diffrent goal.
To Michele, Thank-You for bringing this togeather. I am sure we will not be stranger's. Gene Bily

I am available to do whatever. I have my own research business ... I am also an underwriter for a mortgagebanc here in arizona. Whatever you need ... typing, sending out newsletters ... i'm here for you ... I'm at your service.

beth kitchin
(from Springfield, VA originally)

This is the best site yet. Sorry I would love to help but I am just learning.
But I would like to send out a huge THANK YOU FOR THE FREEDOM I enjoy today.
God Bless I will always remember.
Love to our Veterans