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please hold

All circuits are busy right now. Your call will be answered in the order it was received. Some portions of your call may be recorded because Ashcroft says we can do that.

While you are holding, please enjoy our theme song.

Faith No More - A Small Victory


I'm stealing blog time from housework.... :>

Since apparently you are doing the opposite, here's some fun stuff.

Googleisms - try this at home!

To one side you will see "Kookin' Kidz"

Michielle, it's too bad it's not Santa, Eh?

Pkay with linkdump, fark and an online, free, full version of spy hunter, all in the links.

...some of these may keep her from blogging for QUITE a while.

I really don't like Faith No More. The name just, well, doesn't do it for me.

I was about to write a scathing commentary about people who don't appreciate FNM, and then I saw your name. Carpal Tunnel avoided.