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inside baseball

First and foremost: Carnival of the Vanities, at Begging to Differ. Really good stuff this week, as always.

I know I said I didn't do award shows, but I lied because I did vote in John Hawkins's poll for this year. It's the 2003 Warblogger Awards, which is pretty damn specific so no one can shout at the awards being biased or leaving someone out because it shows its bias right in the title! Anyhow, I have to say that I was very surprised to have won the top spot for Best Looking Blog. Considering this is my first attempt at designing and coding a site myself, I am honored. Though I must point out that the inspiration for this design came from Kitty at Miz Dos. And hey, I moved up one spot from last year in the Best Blog Overall category, and Command Post finished fourth for Best Group Blog. Congrats to all the winners and thanks to all the voters. Despite my protestations, which are basically borne from my inability to accept compliments without wanting to crawl under a rock, it really is nice when your peers - in this case, fellow warbloggers - admire your work. So, thanks.

On other blogging notes, there are few things I've been meaning to say:

1. Trackbacks have a purpose. That purpose is NOT to tell another blogger that you wrote about the same thing as them. The purpose is to tell another blogger that you referenced a specific post of theirs. It really irritates me to get trackbacks, go the site in question, and see that the post they tracked was not referenced at all. Trackbacks are not a notification list. They are not to be used in lieu of an email saying, hey you may be interested in something I wrote. They are not to be used to say, hey, why don't you link me?

2. My comments are not here for your PR purposes. I really don't mind fellow bloggers leaving links to their blogs in the comments when that link is relevant. In fact, I encourage it. However, do not abuse my comments in such a way that every, single comment you leave has a link to something you wrote in it. That makes me think you are using my blog as a platform for yours. Stop it now or you will be banned.

3. I get a couple of hundred pieces of mail every day, not including Nigerian scams and Britney Spears begging me for sex. Please do not be offended if I don't use your link, suggestion or quote your email. Sometimes 20 people will send me the same link and I can't credit everyone when I use that link. And I know there are a million carnivals going around now and linkfests and link lists and round robin, double elimination, fight to the death contests and collections of links that everyone wants other people to write about and honestly, I can't do them all. If you'll notice, my blogging has been relatively sparse lately (considering that I used to post about 20 times a day). Tis the season to be busy. I link CotV every week because that's the one I participate in. It's the first and orignal link fest and I'll stick with that. And on the subject of emails, I am way, way behind and I am trying to return every single one. I will never delted an email just because I have more than I can answer. I read every single one and I will write you back eventually, even if its a month later.

4. Again, comments. I reserve the right to think that you are too much of an asshole to appear in my comments again and thus, I will ban your ass if you misbehave. It is unlikely that you will be unbanned because you have to be a really big asshole to begin with if you've angered me enough to get rid of you.

5. If I make a veiled reference to another blogger, or even a vague reference, please don't email me and ask who I'm talking about. If I wanted to be specific, I would have been.

6. I think that's it for now. I may change my mind, depending on how cranky I get during the day.


Are you talking about me? ;)

I love your site design. I may rip you off completely when I start my own blog.


Alas, this week's CoV suffers from the censorship, that happened a few weeks ago. It was my post and I am ,a href="http://andrewiandodge.com/archives/001076.html">not very happy about the slight. The host didn't even have the decency to send me an email about it.