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the monkey made me do it

Kevin's got some 2003 Weblog Awards going on. I'm not much into participating in award events, as I have been soured on them and besides, I am no good at singling out people and I'd feel much better if I could just give everyone an award for something, which may appear to be very liberal at the outset, until you realize that some of the awards would be titled "Biggest Asshole on the Internet Ever," which would probably go to Dvorak or perhaps a host of other people, self included, but, as I said, I'm not going to do any nominating or voting, at least that I would let you know about (so as not to hurt anyone's feelings, again), but I told Kevin I would make a logo and wouldn't you know, as soon as I sat down to make the logo, that evil monkey that lives in my closet started talking to me again, and he made me promise that I would put him into the logo, so there he is and yea, I still don't know how to make borders on an image in Photoshop.

Right now, there's an ad on that page of Kevin's, and there's a guy in the ad with a really cute smile so I keep reloading the page, hoping that he'll wink at me. Nope, he winked at the monkey.

Man, I need some sleep.


Frank will never want an award now, you know.

We'll have to vote him in.

To make borders on an image in photoshop, use the "stroke" command.

Huh. He said "stroke". You can also increase the canvas size by "x" number of pixels (making sure the background color in your palette is the color you want your border).

+1 Robyn... that's how I'd do it.

Unless you're wanting to make the border around a selection that's not the whole image... then I'd do it Dave's way.

Not that I'm a pro or anything.

Not sure what version of PS youre using. In PS7, you can put the border around part of the image using stroke from inside the "layer style" menu, or around the whole image using stroke from inside the "edit" menu. You get lot more control with the stroke command, because it lets you change colors and border widths on the fly.

Plus it's just fun to use anything called "stroke". Huh.

Silly Michele, there's no evil monkey in your closet. Hahahaah!!


That's the monkey! He left Chris for me!

And thanks everyone for the tips. I realized later on that I could use the stroke (hehehe she said stroke) option from the layers/blending options menu. I usually use stroke to color in the buttons and logos with multiple colors/highlighting, now I can use it for outlining, too!