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could gandalf be next?

His confidence bolstered by the support from Grandfather Twilight, Denis Kucinich seeks the elusive Santa endorsement.


I think I mentioned this last year but I think you would be quite amused by the Eight Reindeer Monologues. Although HHHS is slightly more screwed up than that plot. With the more characters and all.

Kucinich will now try for the coveted Grinch endorsement.

I think it shows that he's a little more light-hearted in his approach, which politics is sadly lacking since, well, forever.

If I may ask: What do you folks think about his politics, otherwise? He may seem like a "softie" to some/many, but he's got some good ideas.

There's $0.02... Have a nice day.

Um, did you RTWT? If it were just the Grandfather Twilight thing, that would be a bit sweet, even if I don't think it has anything to do with a political candidate. Unfortunately, it degenerates into a petition by the animals of the forest to support him. With little bitty pawprints on the petition. My take is that is loony, not light-hearted.

On the other hand, the Lieberman ad I saw recently with McCain supporters apparently endorsing him was interesting. Anyone else see that one?

Kucinich's other politics? He's in Cloud Cuckoo Land. I pay most attention to international and military affiars (always have, long before 9-11) and to me he sounds like a lunatic. Department of Peace? Gimme a break. Si vis pacem, parabellum, that's the Department of Peace.

I'd add diplomacy to that but US diplomacy almost always seems pathetically incompetent to me. Look at April Glaspie, unable to comprehend the nuances of Saddam's comments about his dispute with Kuwait, so telling him we would not interfere with an inter-Arab dispute. He took that, of course, as a carte blanche to invade, as a more clever diplomat would have realized he would. Kucinich doesn't have even Glaspie's poor grasp of the realities of international and defense affairs.