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i have been to heaven

And it's name is Cold Stone Creamery. I pity the person who does not have one near their home.

I got a pint each of: this, this and this.

Like the name implies, they mix the ice cream on a cold stone. They smush all the ingredients together and mix it up until it is a soft, creamy, consistency. As each spoonful goes down your throat you can't help but compare the experience to having an orgasm.

I am going to make love to my ice cream now.


Down around these parts we have Marble Slab Creameries....damn good!!!

my love affair with coldstone started 2 years ago... I always get the same thing.

coffee ice cream w/almonds, fudge, oreos and chocolater syrup.


A bunch of them on Long Island and another opening in Long Beach....sweet

Their waffle bowls are a little slice of heaven, too.

My wife swears by her Mounds Mix: Sweet cream ice cream with coconut flavoring, shredded coconut and (cold) fudge mixed in.

But as for me, myself, personally, there's nothing better than grasshopper: mint ice cream, Oreos and fudge mixed in.

In a waffle bowl, of course.

Drew, I went to the one in Levittown. Excellent service. Bad music playing.

Do they make the workers sing at every Cold Stone? I felt pity for them at the parlor here. Every time someone dropped a tip into the jar, they'd have to bust out singing some crap about "The Cold Stone Way" to the tune of the 'Gilligan's Island' theme song.

We took our ice cream outside after the fourth chorus.

I put a tip in the jar, not knowing what I was in for. They sang the stupid song and then I tortured them by dropping another dollar in the jar.

I typically get the coffee ice cream with raspberries and blackberries, or some close variation of it.

I don't like Cold Stone. They had one in Eagle River, AK when I was up there this summer, and I went twice in three months. Once for ice cream and the other to pick up a cake for my aunt's birthday. I don't think their ice cream is very good, and is overpriced for having some college student smash in candy bars. Heck, I can do that at home for free.

We have Marble Slab and something called Maggie Moo's.

I don't know that I'd consider it akin to having an orgasm. I usually reserve that praise to a perfect gyro or a Red Sox win over the Yankees.

We've got Cold Stone, Marble Slab, AND Maggie Moo's down here.

Wouldn't things with soft creamy consistency going down your throat make you think more of someone else having an orgasm? Just a thought. ;)

We have these and your commentary is spot on. Mmmmm...

Interesting! I saw their name on the "What's new at Carousel Center" list last week. Think we'll have to check it out this weekend!!!

Near me, in Winter Park (FL, not CO), we have a Marble Slab Creamery, and right across the street, a Cold Stone Creamery.

Sounds a little like the old days of Char-Hut and CH Grille -- the same restaurant, but after the two founders split, they split all the restaurants between them and kept the menus.

I don't think either of them are still around. Which tells me something.

Next time you go, ask for a taste of the cake batter ice cream. It's really weird. Good, but really rich. And just plain weird.

Oh great, my ass just got a foot wider and I didn't even get any ice cream.

wow, the best ice cream in the world, i tried them all and coldstone beat the competition hands down, i cant wait till they come to oklahoma