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caption, please

Dick Gephardt, master of his domain.

You need to click and see the large version to really appreciate the photo.


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He's so.........

That's no surprise. The pundits have been reporting that Gephardt's campaign has been flaccid for some time.

Imagine how badly people are freaking out at his campaign headquarters (If they have even seen it yet). Hah! I would love to be a fly on the wall for that meeting!

What a dick.

Yeah... his wife wishes there was a large version she could click to see.

Richard "Dick" Gephardt secures the Gay Silhouette Porn Actors Guild (G-SPAG) endorsement.

"Doctors reported that due to the psychological strain of campaigning from a position of mediocrity, Gephardt's penis has become a shadow of its former self."

I vill be heeyah all ze veek.

yo Matt,ze veal,eet ees goot!

"If I hold my hand JUST RIGHT... it will come."


Always look for the union label...

"Oh say, can you see..."

Red, white, and blue balls?

"Will you help erect me in Iowa? New Hampshire? South Carolina?"

Where's his other hand?

He's no Patton, that's for sure.

Sweeps week at the DNC.

"Maybe I'll settle for 'vice'-president."

That's one big, swinging Dick.

"Take the little blue pill Neo."

Looks like he still hasn't taken the potato off from Halloween.

Next thing you know, he'll be matriculating with thespians.

"That's right. I'm your Daddy."

"That's right. It's Dick Gep-hard-t."

I'm laughing so hard.

Oh wait, that was totally insensitive of me, saying "hard".

And tonight, leading us in the National Anthem...Little Richard!

Eternally worried about popping a stiffy on stage, Dick Gephardt keeps thinking "baseball, apple pie, old glory". It never fails.

"Excuse me while I whip this out."

OH MY GOD! I just sent it to my gammie!

I wish I were like Dick! (Got Dick?)

I think this photo says it all about Democratic presidential hopeful Rep. Dick Gephardt(D)... better known as 'Babs-bitch' or the 'Nancy-boy', shown here as his true self... just a shadow of a Dick reaching for a handout...

Actually... the left hand looks kinda phallic... maybe if Nancy Pelosi(D) would whip his ass again 'Dick' could cast a less flaccid shadow?

You know, he will never pose near an American flag again.

"maybe if Nancy Pelosi(D) would whip his ass again 'Dick' could cast a less flaccid shadow?"

If Nancy can't "whip him into shape", I bet Hillary can.

Riyadh delenda est!

Well I have to say it took me a few minutes to figure out what you ment. Stupid me, or maybe I'm just too nice :)

Quick, somebody hand him a towel before he notices there's an American flag right behind him within easy reach.

Talk about failing to stand up for your country...

Two dicks for the price of one!

Taking TR's words about speaking softly too close to heart.

Gep eard Dean's challenge about unsealing and thought he was talking to him.

This probably isn't a good time to discuss soft money contributions...

Just another glad-handing politician...

Dick Gephardt shows he's got the balls to do the job...

Dick Gephardt: One Democrat for whom the phrase "F*** the American People" isn't just a figure of speech.

Hey, the reporters said this was a "big swinging dick" event. I am so embarrassed. Thought I would win this one...

Hey, the reporters said this was a "big swinging dick" event. I am so embarrassed. Thought I would win this one...

How do we know it's really Dick? I mean, all I see is a shadow. It could be Howard or Carol. Oh, right!

It's not hard to vote for Dick!

The Force, Dick, use the Force!