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stranger than fiction

I suppose it was inevitable. Or perhaps it had already happened but this just hammers home the point.

Ladies and gentlemen, Denis Kucinich's mind has left the building.


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"GT: Every night, I see children snuggling with moms and dads who read them a story, and kiss them goodnight. They are the lucky ones. They go to sleep under the pearl of the moon, who spreads her light over everyone. But the world is not at peace. The air is full of smoke and sorrow. The trees tell me they feel it too, even the waves of the sea."

Excuse me. (Retch. Spew. Gag. Retch some more.)

Sweet Jeebus on a Pogo Stick!

That has to be one of the most incredibly stupid things I've ever seen.

I was was LOL at the moonbattery

"They are the lucky ones. They go to sleep under the pearl of the moon, who spreads her light over everyone."

Uh, I'm pretty sure everyone goes to sleep under the light of the moon, unless it's a new moon or they are napping during the day.

The frightening thing to me is that I will encounter someone here in the SanFran area that will think this is amazingly cool,and although Michele wants a moratorium on the act,stuff WILL shoot out of my nose.I just hope I can keep my rectum under control.(hell,it damn near kiied 'im)

You will, I trust, cross-post this at TCP? Thank you, my sweet ...

Oddly enuf, that link is dead now. Perhaps somebody realized that this wasn't the best publicity for Denis "mind-control satellites" Kucinich at this point in his political career.

Link is working now (7:40pm MT)...and all I can say is...WHAT. THE. FLUFF? This is sheer lunacy; doesn't he realize that the 18 votes that he will pick up from Moonbeam and Granola and their offspring pale in comparison to the 2,000,000 people who would now rather elect, say, a BUSH instead of this loon?

Well, it's by Barbara Helen Berger, who writes children's books.

What more could you expect?

This is a parody, right? Like this isn't the real K for President website and the whole thing is an elaborately crafted joke?

If not, here is my question. . . who elected this guy to whatever post he CURRENTLY holds? I wouldn't vote for him for dogcatcher.

I think it's a clever ploy to put Republican humorists out of business.
I mean, what can you possibly say about it that's funnier than the thing itself?

More bad news for Bush. The Velveteen Rabbit's come out in favor of Kerry, and Howard Dean's just picked up the endorsement of Bear in the Big Blue House.

At least we have the Wiggles. We do still have the Wiggles, don't we?

I used to get a combination of sad and on-edge when I would see Republicans gleefully discussing Kucinich ... but then I remembered how much fun it was when the GOP had, like, Alan Keyes. There are many forms of craziness in the political realm, I suppose, and Kucinich's just happens to be on the fluffy side.

Any word on who's picking up the crucial Paddington endorsement?

Alan Keyes is hard right on both social and economic issues, which adds up to pretty extreme, but he isn't craaaazy.

Well, I'll be dipped...

Hey, I don't know about wiggles but the Belligerent Bunny Blog is definitely for President Bush. Lots of bunnies and none of them think Kucinich looks worth dating, either, despite his ears.

I can't really say that I'm very shocked by this. I mean, Kucinich is the candidate most in tune with the kind of people who think that GIANT PUPPETS are a good way to get their point across.

Me, I'm voting for Clark.

<revs chainsaw>

that is just.so.wrong.

so very, very wrong.

on so very many levels...

I'm glad we are not like Germany, where they have spoken of allowing parents "extra" votes as proxy for their children...effectively cancelling out the votes of childless folk like me.

(so does this mean we refer to the book as Grandfather Moonbat now?)

Dennis Kucinich: Bringing peace by setting fire to old guys.

The highlight of this for me was the picture of the dog telling the cat to vote for Dennis. How removed from reality do you have to be to think a cat would listen to what anyone says to do, much less what a dog says?

Marybeth, it's my humble belief (political endorsements aside) most cats could learn a thing from most dogs.

But even if all the dogs and cats in America pledged their votes for Kucinich, I doubt it would matter.

What the HELL was that?!?!?!?!?!?

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