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AP Magazine unveils it's choice for the most anticipated album of 2004.

In a year which will see Nine Inch Nails, Portishead, Beatsie Boys, Queens of the Stone Age and Ben Folds all release albums, AP chooses Good Charlotte for its honor.

Excuse me while I weep.

(Anyhow, I am anticipating MTX's release more than anything)

And here, I announce the least anticipated album of 2004: WASP. As if that wasn't bad enough, it's a two part concept album! Why, Jeebus? What have we done to deserve such wrath?


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Have you checked out the two EPs Ben Folds released so far this year? Excellent stuff. He's doing another before the end of the year, then a full-length disc in the beginning of 2004. It's Christmas every day--Folds is one of maybe five artists I'd buy anything from on the general assumption that anything that comes from their brain will be good.

Got to see him in Clive, IA and Minneapolis, MN over the past year and a half, too. Cool stuff.

I don't expect most magazines to pick up on the excellence of any music that doesn't involve a guitar, though. Tunnel vision and all.

Jesus, could I get any more oblivious? You were talking about the one coming out in 2004. Duh, me.

Finn Brothers. C'mon, guys - stop f**king around.

Queens of the Stone Age, the Mark Lanegan Band, the Eagles of Death Metal, and the rumored release of one of Screaming Trees lost albums--these are the things that I'll be waiting for. Portishead will be good, too, but Nine Inch Nails hasn't done anything for me for a while.

Pretty Hate Machine was such an incredible album--everything after it has seemed a little like a letdown to me.

Good Charlotte, though? I think not.

The Pixies may have a new album out soon as well. Oh happy day! A very good year for my son to be born, sounds like...

Oh for christ's sake, I'd be more excited about having all of my teeth pulled (again).

A concept double-album from Blackie Lawless? That could be Eddie Murphy-level funny.

Good Charlotte? That makes perfect sense... IN BIZZARRO WORLD orld orld orld.

The Eyeliners will be releasing my most anticipated album of 2004.
They play the sort of fast, intensely fun, blithely unpretentious rock & roll I love.

I don't hate Good Charlotte - does that mean I'm a pariah?

Reznor's waaaaay past it. It pains me to say that, given how important "Downward Spiral" was.

Mind you, if he did a CD of nothing but instrumentals, that might be worth buying...

A new Ben Folds? A new Pixies album? And a new Finn Bros? Hallelujah. I might even have to start using "Rockin' the Suburbs" as my theme song again to celebrate.

That being said, it will only be a truly great year when the most underappreciated band in the world (Lotion) reunites and puts out a new cd.

Looking forward to the new Eagles album and wait for it, the new Judas Priest one too. And yes, Blackie has lost the plot...actually he did a long time ago.

Zombyboy, Screaming Trees are coming out with "lost" stuff? Do tell! I love them.

I haven't anticipated a new album since Judas Priest's 1986 dissapointment Turbo. For that matter I haven't listened to much of anything done since about then.


Care to document that hypothetical NIN 2004 release? (Please!)

I'll believe it when I hear it,
Jeanne Z

Is it so that they can make the same album with the same themes and less persuasive music and lyrics for the third time? (Second, technically, it's the 3rd album, the first was good, the second, OK, this one probably worse).


i will be the first in the record shop when trent releases his next one. i couldnt live without downward spiral, or the fragile!