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question of the day

Just a question: Am I the only one who really wants one of Ashton Kutchner's pranks to go horribly wrong so some celebrity hauls off and slams him in the face or, better yet, shoots him?


I'd like to see him try to pull a stunt on Shuge Knight. That would earn him a cap in the ass, or (according to Vanilla Ice) a trip over the balconey.

Oh God yes, same goes for Shannen Doherty on "Scare Tactics".

No. No, you're not.

Actually, some of them have gone wrong...they just choose not to air those.

I'm betting that it's gonna be Demi that offs him when he reveals that their relationship is gonna be the season finale of Punk'd.

what rudolph said. i wanna deck 'im every time i walk through the den and see his show on... dork.

I have always felt that way about Allen Funt.

I can't stand any of the reality shows, but Kutcher is especially annoying.

NO! He's been asking for it ever since he appeared in the public eye.

I wonder why he is doing all of those "middle of the night" radio public service announcements? Maybe he has to make up for being an asshat.

Pop a prozac, folks, it's only a TV show. And real nice, those of you hoping that Kutcher gets shot or killed.

(And no, I don't like the show either. But instead of concocting violent fantasies over its creator, I just don't watch it. How hard is that?)

I've never seen the show, but just the concept of it sounds monumentally stupid from a carer perspective - I mean, embarrassing and/or humiliating his peers on a regular basis, via setups that involve betraying their trust? How, exactly, did he think this would be good for his career?

Oops, that was Bill. Bitch Clarice using my computer and leaving her info in your comments window.

So publically humiliating someone is fine, but if he or she reacts badly or violently that is bad? While I wouldn't like the dipshit shot or killed, it would be nice to watch him piddle himself while being threatened by one of his "victims".

Andrew -

Him pissing himself and then getting told he was just punk'd would probably end it right there. And everyone would get a good laugh.

MTV is doing whatever it can to avoid playing music videos, and horrid reality shows fill a LOT of time.

But Punk'd isn't the worst--Bad Trip has got that locked up. MTV sets you up with a cool trip to some Spring Break type event--or pays for your bachelor party, and then has your parents, girl/boyfriend, fiance go in disguise to see what a freak you might be--and, when it's all over, they film your loved ones haranguing you for being such a creep.

Sometimes I think MTV is trying to commit suicide.

Yeah. I really wish he would pull a stunt on Micky Rouke and have him go all psychotic on his ass.