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hostile takeovers and colin farrell's eyebrows

My, but it was quiet around here today.

A few random thoughts, just because it feels weird to have only blogged twice on a Saturday

We just watched The Recruit. I'll save you the trouble with this two word review: Cliches. Predictable. Yes, it was predictable right down to the requisite Al Pacino over-acting monologue towards the end. Colin Farrell's eyebrows should get a best supporing nod in the Oscars this year, though.

I recently discovered the new map of the Commonwealth of the Blogosphere States. Sure, I may only be a small city now, but as soon as I make the motion to secede, I plan on taking over Reynoldssia. If any of my neighboring cities wants to join me in a revolution, I'm right over here, playing Risk to hone my takeover skills.

As per Jeff Jarvis: Michele. One L.

But you knew that. Right?

Back to online shopping. Sure beats getting trampled.


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Don't you be messin' with my boy Colin.

I do believe I have found the successor to Hugh Jackman.

Well, okay, Hugh's still number one. But I'll take Colin as a consolation prize.

I think that Amishtechsupportistan ought to be replaced with Blogmosisa and ATS just a city within. Maybe add the other Jewblogs of Blogmosis like Occam's and Unsealed Room and such?

Odd. No Silent Running. Oh well. Wind Rider's a part of ATS, too.

Since the one and only time Jeff linked to me he called me Howard Aylward I'll just assume it was early in the morning and he thinks I'm the next Howard Stern...

I'm running a chat room for the next hour or two while I write my "About" page.

Rent "Insomnia." The very premise comes with a guarantee: Pacino is too tired to overact.

Michele, at least you are "cool enough" to make it onto the map. I think I'll just go have a star named after myself. I sure could use the egoboo.


One of my reactions to The Recruit was that we're all in deep doo-doo if no one in the CIA has ever before heard of USB (aka "flash") memory, which has been on sale at stores such as Compusa for about three years now.

Not to mention the innumerable ways one could circumvent the lack of a modem port using a few simple tools and parts. And I'm not a techie person.

And, yeah, I assumed going in that Al Pacino will be lying to his recruit so as to use him in a Twist. As soon as Pacino explains that he's recruited Farrell as a NOC, I kept desperately hoping there would be a twist to avoid the predictable outcome that Pacino would be using Farrell for his own anti-CIA interest, and then that it wouldn't be that -- whoa, who could predict that! -- he'd be using both Farrell and his girlfriend against each other (Just! Like! Earlier!).

Sigh. Utterly predictable.

I really hate that.

I otherwise, if one can say that, didn't otherwise find the movie bad, though. Both Farrell and Pacino's acting was enjoyable to me. I found Pacino's scene-chewing amusing.

Gary, I thought the premise was good, but I wish they didn't make the plot so predictable. Farrell's a pretty good actor. Cute, too.


Don't feel down. You and I are probably just in the southern hemisphere... we just didn't make it on this map.

That's what I keep telling myself anyway.

Cam, I have to disappoint you, but I'm now on the map. Sometimes, public bitching and moaning does work.

We can take over Reynoldssia together but I want my city to remain as is. (I'll accept a larger population of course but the name stays!)

Son of a...

I'm just going to sit here and pretend that I'm Australia.

I'm sure I'm a tiny, but highly respected, village in Antartica, myself.

Or even Antarctica.