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buy, buy, buy

Looks like Buy Nothing Day didn't exactly pan out.

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. said that sales at its U.S. stores grew 6.3 percent to a record $1.52 billion on the day after Thanksgiving, up from $1.43 billion on the same day a year earlier.


Total holiday sales are expected to be up 5.7 percent to $217.4 billion from last year, reports the National Retail Federation in Washington, D.C.

I did my part. I dropped a few hundred dollars at Amazon, which has swallowed so many retailers it is now just like an bloated shopping mall, except there's no parking problems and I didn't have to kill anyone.

"People are buying bigger ticket items," said Alexandra Karcev, public relations director at Bloomingdales in Garden City. "Times are good now. Consumer confidence is better, the economy is better, people are not waiting, they are ready to buy now."

It's the economy, stupid!

Oh, if you want to spread some Christmas cheer, or if you just want to see what your fellow man is capable of (and I mean man as in mankind, as in encompassing men and women, or womyn to those of you who are offended by my colloquial use of the word man), go check out the wishlist for Penny-Arcade's gift drive for the Seattle Children's Hospital. Click on see purchased items. People didn't just buy little toys and trinkets for these kids; they also bought the big ticket items like Game Cubes and Playstations, and they bought four or five or six of each item. Sometimes, humanity makes you smile.

I also bought myself a Christmas present from my own wishlist. I hope I didn't break any code of conduct there.

So, to recap: Spending good. Not spending bad. Spending on others good. Spending on me, even better.

I wanna see you out that door baby - buy buy buy.


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OOOOH! Looks like adbusters picked not only the wrong day but the wrong time of year. Sadly, I read the magazine on ocasion...It's damn expensive though, without any advertisements in it.

And shopping at Amazon never gets you trampled.

Spent over $2000.00 on Friday. Just doing my part

Addbusters seemed like a cool idea at first... But it seems to have hardened into something very very ordinary.

If one simply assumes that corporations and governments are evil (and that oneself and friends are inherently wise and good) one becomes an old fashioned crackpot puritan - relatively indestinguishable from everyone else whoes ever assumed he was be morally superior to everyone else.

Just came from their web site, disgusted from reading a self-rightious flash-animated article that assumed that drug companies mostly make up diseases and that medicine isn't necessary. The writer was unbelievably ignorant. God, I'm sick of self rightious ignoramuses!

When did lefties become old fashioned puritanical curmudgeons? F**king Church Ladies, the lot of them (that's Dana Carvey's character from Saturday Night Live).

Feel free to be "good" and spend on me too, Michele. I only want you to be happy.