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rambling incoherently: sacrilege, porn and getting in Allah's pants

Twas the night after Thanksgiving and all through the house...

Was the sound of people retching, burping, farting and swearing to never eat again as long as they live.

I see Allah has finally noticed me. Praise be unto his trousers.

I didn't get much shopping done today but I did buy wrapping paper. This is for the aunt who always makes us sing Happy Birthday, Jesus during Christmas Eve dinner.

Oh, anyone who asked to take part in Ho Ho Holy Shit, Volume 2, please email me at santa@asmallvictoryDOTnet and let me know the name of whatever your character will be. Just a warning for those new to HHHS: Don't join if you are easily offended. This is not your child's Santa blog. (Rated X for violence to small woodland creatures and children's icons, and pornography involving elves and those same woodland creatures)

I leave you with this thought that has been on my mind all day: Bukkake Specialist or Soup Man - are these careers something to aspire to? Do they have colleges that specialize in these areas? Do you get a degree in Bukkake with a minor in Pretending You Are Enjoying It? And what do the Soup Men have to do to prepare for a day at the office? Is Japan really as wild as Mainichi makes it out to be? I admit that most of my ideas about present day Japan come from anime. I half expect to go there some day and find horny tentacle creatures and giant automatons.

I suspect I've had way too much rum and not nearly enough sleep in the past two days.


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Oh, I see your gambit...Allah Bukkake Soup...straight to #1 on Google....

An atheist who celebrates christmas. What a world.
That's okay though, I'm celebrating this year too, only we're going with the original title of Yule. And we're sending everyone copies of the book When Santa Was A Shaman.

Allah Bukkake Soup? Now that is just gross...