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peace or pie?

It appears that I am the only living human being in the courthouse (besides courtroom personnel). I also appear to be one of the only living people in blogland.

So, I could either sit here and listen to the clacking of my typewriter echo off of the steel bars of the holding cell in the next room, or I could go home and listen to whining of my children echo off of the pile of dirty dishes in the kitchen sink.

Here, I have peace and quiet. But home, I have leftover pie. Lots of pie.

What to do, what to do. Peace or pie?

Update: Pie was good. Couch was better.


If only there were a way to have the pie, and eat it, too.

Peace. I got lots of pie of my own you know.

I love being in large buildings that are empty, so I'd probably opt for peace. Plus, although pie may seem like our friend now, it's easy to find yourself a couple of days later saying "why the f*** did I eat all that pie?"

We are blissfully alone at the office, as well, and blogging up a storm.

The really brainy move would have been to bring the pie along.

Take the peace. The pie will keep. The peace will allow you to do some great soul-searching and gives you time to reflect on....

Ah screw that! Go home and get the damn pie!!

Pie is a great inducement to peace.

That reminds me of the words of Eddie Izzard:
Cake or death?

Screw both options. Get your ass to the mall and mingle with the shopping masses. It'll boost the economy, and you're bound to have some sort of experience that we can all hoot and holler about when your post about it later.

Go on, quit being so selfish and think of others!

Pie. I'm at work and have much to do, so eat extra pie for me :)

Pie. And take your kids to see Elf. It's pretty funny.

Congrats on your anniversary of sorts.

And happy belated Thanksgiving. I am thankful for your daily efforts.

Oh and another reason I choose pie, is cuz my wife is at work today and I am at home alone with the whiny kids and the dirty dishes. But I miss her for other reasons as well.

pie, all the way, baby. I'll be leaving work soon, too.

Peace. The whiny kids & pie, as well as the dirty dishes, will still be there when you get home.

Kill! Kill! Kill!

I am working from home with my children here.....go for the piece.

I said piece, see I was thinking about that pie.... I have pie, wish I had peace!!!

Phone home and make sure no-one touches the pie, then stay put and savour the peace.

You'll be able to have pie when you get home.

Damn - now I want some more of my mother's heavenly pumpkin pie.

pie. always go with the pie.

You know, what I really love about the holidays, is, you know man, Christmas is a time of peace, and love, with some love man, and peace, you know, like, could I, could I have another piece o that punkin pie? mm yeah, thankyew darlin, thankyewverrymuch.

And Christmas man, it's a time of hope, and joy...joy with some hope, man I miss Bob Hope, and I sure sure hope we ain't run outta mashed taters yet...hand em over darlin...mmmmph...thankyew, thankyewverrymuch...

you know the holidays are full of special thangs, celebrations that are special, and full...full of specialty, and, and fullness, and, hey, I'm not full yet...is that a chicken-fried steak and butterbean sammich? ohyeah...how bout a little bite darlin? thankyew, thankyewverrymuch....

Call home. Tell hubby to bring the pie to you. Enjoy peace, pie, and hubby all at once!

Give me pie Michelle. Hair pie!

Yes, Ben...we all hope to learn a lot for our children here at Michele's site...


Pie...it's what's for breakfast....

As I was saying this morning...heck, I got my milk, eggs and a vegetable all right >here< in a slice of pumpkin pie. ;-)

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. And it was just even a bit better with the GW surprise.

Pie. Definitely pie... it makes everything better.

I don't mind working when it's dead in the building. Sometimes it's disconcerting, but most of the time, it means no interruptions. Then again, when there are absolutely no distractions, one can go a little stir-cray from boredom. You have my empathies.

Now, the big question for me is very, very simple... what kind of pie? If it's apple, head home!

I gotta go with peace on this one.

Otherwise, the holiday cards would wish everyone "Pie on earth, goodwill towards men.''

And no one really wants that.

Er, how about a peace of pie?

Oy, pie...I want pie...mmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

Yeah, good choice.

"Pie on earth, goodwill towards men"

I like that sentiment!