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pass the tums, please


Yes, we even had the cranberry that came out of the can with that horrid squishing noise and the lines embedded in the gel.

Note to Eric, who sent me the 80's Game: We had a great time playing that after dinner. My sides still hurt from laughing at my brother-in-law.

Hope everyone's day was great. Mine was, shall we say, filling.

[And if you are bored this evening, you can always go back and read all the stellar advice I gave out yesterday. I just hope everyone who asked for advice realizes that I cannot be held liable if your grandmother does, indeed, go on fire]


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That's just a disturbing image.
Shouldn't you have an NC-17 type warning on that thing?

That is a thing of beauty. Thanksgiving has not arrived until it is heralded by the cranberry tube.

I have henceforth decreed that from now on, the above-displayed cran-log shall be referred to as "Canberry Sauce" T-shirts and failed dotcom to follow.

That IS Thanksgiving. What other time would one bother with trying to get that stuff out in one piece. There was an actual conversation about technique of removal at our house tonight...

What a fantastic photograph. I love that the indented rings from the can are still intact.

I have a recipe for bread with that stuff.

I've never tried it. Nobody should try it.

Laurence has recipes for bread that include the use of Tom Daschle's hair tonic and the transmission pan from a '72 Impala.

I would note that the "Cranberry in a Can" was the only dish at our table that was fully consumed (mostly by me). It does look a lot more appetizing when it is neatly sliced and served on your great-grandmother's Spode china.

I refuse to believe that cranberry sauce comes in any other form.

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Ah am still sufferin' with an L-Triptophan hangovah!

Everthing worked, everthing came out AT the same time, no damn small talk an' grazin' while Ah swore at th' turkky an' no need foah apologies.

No naked cran-log on MAH table! But ah USED 1 an' a half cans...

How'd YOURS go? Remembah Maude's stolen motto; "If'n you don't have anything good to say, come sit ovah heah by me!"

The embedded lines make a handy slicing guide when it comes time to divvy up the gel tube. Long live canberry sauce!

We stand it upright, and then use an apple corer-wedge slicer to generate long strips. We didn't finish off the second can until last night.

I wonder if this is any relation to the "purple tube" aliens from THIRD ROCK FROM THE SUN?

How about the cranberry bliss bars at starbucks.