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thanksgiving advice(2): jews, zagats and football

turkey5.gifIf someone makes parallels between the Pilgrims taking Indian land to the Jews taking Arab land, can you beat them with a sack full of canned yams until they die?



Laurence, why waste a good can of Yams? If you kill the person, then the yams will be taken in as evidence and you'll never see them again. Instead, you send them off on a bus and then call their cell phone and tell them there's a bomb on the bus. Hilarity ensues as he shits his pants.

turkey5.gifIs it okay to take my dinner into my room and read blogs while I eat?


Only if you are reading this one. This blog was recommended by Zagat's Survey of Dinner Reading Material as the Number One Blog to Read While Eating Thanksgiving Dinner. Allah came in close second. Autopsy Report finished last.

turkey5.gifWho will win the Dallas/Miami game Thanksgiving Day?


For that question I went directly to the source of all knowledge in the universe, past, present and future: The Ouija board.

The revealed answer was: ONCLOCEN. Sorry, but I can't tell you what that means


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Well, thanks for the effort anyway. Happy Thanksgiving, Michele!

More important than the Dallas game is who will win the Packers/Lions game? The Pack always seems to have trouble in Detroit, and Favre doesn't do well playing indoors.

How about some Joey Harrington voodoo.

I think "ONCLOCEN" means take the underdog and the points.

On the other hand, if you hit the person with a can of cranberry tube, do you care if it's confiscated?

Good to know!

The revealed answer was: ONCLOCEN.

and the hits just keep on comin'!

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