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To: British Political Cartoonist Society
From: An Honorary Jew
Re: This

May your flesh fall off while you are still alive.

Thank you.


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From another honorary Jew*, I must say you were too kind to them.

*This honor was bestowed on me by a friend in college. It still counts, even though he married a shiksa.

I live in San Francisco, and just down the street from where I live someone has plastered an anti-zionist poster on the side of a large rectangular garbage can. It has an amazingly realistic photoshopped image of Ariel Sharon holding the severed head of a child. The dead child looks so realistic I wonder if the artist managed to find a picture of an actual severed head. I needn't mention that Sharon is shown with devils horns on a backdrop of unimagninable devestation. I'll omit the obscene language of the antizionist message - it's about as bad as I can imagine.

Interestingly there's a sign on the window of the video shop across the street proclaiming the neighborhood to be a hate-free zone with an explanation that this means that Muslims are not to be victimized. Well and good. Hatred of Muslims could put individuals at risk, and while there is real prejudice implied in antizionism, that's a bit too subtle for American discourse. Truthfully neither Israelis nor Muslims nor Jews are in any danger of more than annoyance in SF.

Part of what angers me is that this spill-over agit-prop is what passes for a Israeli/Palestinian peace movement in San Francisco these days. The person who posted this monstrosity probably thought he was opposing a war, but I know the scene here pretty well enough to know that Israel's defensive side of the war is opposed by everyone and the Palestinian's offensive side has much more support.

There are lefty Jewish "peace activists" who reach out Palestinians and oppose everything the Israeli government does, and they are balanced by the many Palestinian and Arab liberation activists who also oppose everthing the Israeli government does, who often support the terrorists as well, and who will reach out to Israelis sometime after Hell freezes over. There's no debate, whatever view comes prepackaged from Palestinian propagandists is instantly accepted as fact, and anyone who doubts feels unwelcome and possibly unsafe.

Er...how does depicting Sharon as a war criminal act as anti-zionist? He's a muderer and a thug, over and over again. You don't want to talk the occupation of Palestine? How about the invasion of Lebanon and the subsequent massacres there?

Incidentally, the image used here is a direct reference to the Goya painting Cronus Devouring.

Joseph Finn – Do you think a Goyaesque painting depicting the hundreds murdered (or ordered to be murdered) by Arafat would be anti-Palestinian?

Didn’t you say in another thread that most Palestinians are Christians and Jews? I guess you’re an authority on all things Palestinian. If you know so much about Palestinians, can you tell me which one of Arafat’s ministers said this in the Lebanon Star?

"Whoever thinks that the Intifada broke out because of the despised Sharon's visit to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, is wrong ... this Intifada was planned in advance, ever since President Arafat's return from the Camp David negotiations"

..and who made this ‘laxative purge’ statement in in Egypt’s Al Ahram?

"The primordial requirement for peace must now be to make Ariel Sharon and all he represents appear, in Israeli eyes, a worse disaster than Ehud Barak, so that the Israeli body politic undergoes a powerful laxative purge which produces a successor willing to get serious about actually achieving peace, not simply keeping a never-ending "peace process" twitching with faint signs of life, a purge sufficient for Israeli public opinion to finally grasp the fundamental reality and essential truth that complying with international law and relevant UN resolutions and ending the occupation is in Israel's own self-interest."

"Incidentally, the image used here is a direct reference to the Goya painting Cronus Devouring."

True...but it nicely lends itself to the blood libel.

I happen to think the Goya painting is great art. The cartoon, on the other hand, is more of an example of severe Judenhass. It is interesting only as a study of a severly unbalanced mind.

Some people could try to defend it and say that its art, or freedom of speech.

But similar cartoons havent been drawn for Saddam, or Mugabe, who have directly massacred hundreds of thousands.

Its a double standard. Its hatred of Israel and Ariel Sharon. Its not worthy of any awards at all. It resurrects ancient anti-semitic imagery and depicts Israel, a defensive nation, as a genocidal aggressor.

Joseph, the Massacres in Lebanon are perfect example of the vacuousness of antizionist propaganda, since they were perpetratred by Phalangist Militia not Israelis and even the victims report seeing no Israelis at all.

While the PLO could be blamed for inciting the Phalang and then pulling out leaving the refugees unprotected especially after the assasination of Christian President-elect, Bashir Gemayel by Muslim militants (?PLO, ?Syrian)... Or Syria could be blamed - there's evidence that Syria is directly involved.

But of course the joooos are blamed not those who comitted the crime, those who ordered it or those who incited it.

Did the cartoonist really think that the Palestinians are Sharon's children?

Lol, I love it how the left defend this bastard. I am sure they know damn well its a reference to the infamous blood libel but don't really care.


Nope, it would be anti-Arafat, as am I.