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reasons to be thankful, part three

We all know what you're thankful for. Your family, your health, your freedom, the food on your table, the clothes on your back, your good friends and Fridays.

But seriously. Is that what you're really thinking when you gather around the Thanksgiving table and hold hands and bow your heads and wait for Grandpa to finish muttering his thanks to 125 years worth of relatives you never heard of before you can dig into the mashed potatoes?

Your family and friends know you're thankful for them. They know you appreciate all the times you bum rides or borrow money from them. They know that you really like the puke-green knitted afghan they got you for your birthday. So let's not waste our time engaging in tired cliches of Thanksgiving. Let's be honest.

8-2a_box.jpeMe, I'm thankful for a lot of things. Fresh ground coffee, drive-through fast food, pens with erasers, grilled cheese sandwiches, comic books, DVD burners, Best Buy, Target, broadband connections, free porn, margaritas, Amazon, Fosted Mini-Wheats, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, anti-lock brakes, four-wheel drive, movie previews, push-up bras, spellcheck, keyboard shortcuts, the Green Bay Packers, Bucky Dent, Converse high tops, Six Feet Under, Carnivale, Dunkin' Donuts and Krispy Kreme, double orgasms, cigarettes and Zippos, punk rock, White-Out, cordless keyboards, post-its, biodegradable tampons, Motrin, Mike Patton, Excedrin Migraine, painless dentistry, headphones, highlighters, hot bagels, VH1, microwave ovens, mircowave popcorn, Toaster Streudels, sporks, DVD extras, Troma movies, Peter Jackson, peel-and-stick postage stamps, talking Hulk Hands, the Anime Network, Showtime Beyond, Moveable Type, Killians Red, ATM machines, hooded sweatshirts, Mr. Bungle, Homer Simpson, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Fark, Photoshop, Playstation 2, public libraries and Equal.

Just to name a few.

So here's your chance to bypass the usual sappiness and overwrought words of thanks which you will surely be, in droidlike fashion, trotting out at the dinner table tomorrow and which you will, by 8pm, regret saying because you realize that you actually hate your family, to give thanks to the unsung heroes of our lives; material possessions, intangible goodness, and anything that would make living out each of the seven deadly sins possible. What, besides the usual, are you thankful for?

You do not have to live in America to participate. I mean, even Europeans are thankful for some things, no? And, I'm not a total tool. I will have a real, heartfelt thanks to a special group of people tomorrow.


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I'm thankful for: hershey mini's, ez-pass, books on tape, cotton undies, bookworm deluxe, my bitchin camaro, advil liqui-gels, big bowls of mashed potatoes, michael's craft store, donny baseball back in NY, and 1919-2003.

automatic coffeemakers, ass toasters (seat heaters), people who smile understandingly when you do something truly idiotic, quality cookware, Gutenberg and all the lovely books, shiny objects, when my husband's eyes turn from green to blue to grey, second hand stores, remembering the good times while conveniently forgetting the bad, freezer pie that is as good as homemade, bacon, Lenox china, spicy brown mustard, overactive imaginations and things worth arguing about, chocolate chip cookie dough, free enterprise, dill pickles, dogs, spaceweather.com. That is a good start.

I'm thankful for: earning points for shopping online, ICE HOCKEY, craft stores with good sales, my Civic still running, being able to mooch off Mom and Dad when I'm poor, the boy and his golden tongue, Ghiradelli chocolate squares, prime rib from Outback and the best sex I've ever had in my life...and he wants to marry me!

I like the add for "pug stuff." Of course, if you were selling stuffed-pugs, I might actually buy something.

Ice hockey - good one (a la FEDS).

water, softer tissues - both ends, Archivers stores, my PDA, laptops, perfect pillows, down comforter, snuggling, debit card, QVC, Claussen pickles, daisies, my lilac bush in bloom, Jeep, walks with my friend at work in the mornings, blogging.

Wine, cabs, cigarettes, Page Six, grilled cheese sandwiches (with BACON, Michele!), the bartenders who comprise my extended family, crunchy peanut butter, Vitamin Water, gyros, and Ralph Lauren.

Grilled cheese with bacon and TOMATO! But you can keep your disgusting crunchy peanut butter.

I'm thankful for the following: Rush (the band, not the talking head), my 3-year-old being potty trained, my new house, coffee, Swedish Fish, my PDA, my blog, DVD's, lingirie and high heels, my creativity, the insane-loyalty-that-defies-all-reason of my friends, board games, football season, boots, contact lenses, my dishwasher, multiple orgasms, candles, MXC, Cowboy Bebop, optical mice, Neil Peart, Henry Rollins, sushi, wine, not having to mow the lawn, and the fact that I haven't been fired yet for posting while I'm supposed to be working.

I am thankful for:
kolsch beer, football on tv, string cheese, pepperidge farm milano cookies, crunchy apples, the denver broncos, joe sakic, DSL, red wine, mexican food, any beer for that matter, snow covered rockies, on line bill pay, a baby on the way, pearl street in boulder, and J Crew.

Whoa! At first glance I thought you were grateful for "penis with erasers". Ouch.

I am thankful for: amazon.com, pure maple syrup, crunchy peanut butter, the microbrew revolution, Chilean red wine, everything bagels, salt, the yellow-line firstdown marker, fresh coffee, a Syracuse NCAA championship, JetBlue, shift-on-the-fly 4WD, thai curries, Guinness not being the focal point in a protracted trade war, Chris Thomas King singing the blues, 50 years of Johnny Cash recordings, Steve Earle singing it like it is, John Prine singing it like it should be, email, cell phones, bluetooth, the Montgomery GI Bill, Michele starting a new Ho Ho Holy Shit! blog, gel electrophoresis and PCR technique, buffalo wings, thunder & lightening during a snow storm, snooze alarms, Joe Torre, and FedEx delivering my shiny new Powerbook in 3-5 business days.

I'm thankful for: USC Football, cool blogging friends like famous author Rob Byrnes, my gym being open on the Holiday, my brother leaving town so I don't have to spend the day with his in-laws, free thanksgiving buffets at the neighborhood gay bar, HERE lounge happy hours, Starbuck's Egg Nog latte's and that LMGTS inducted me into the so-called gay mafia.


Michele for not banning me from here, U2, jazz, Harlan Ellison novels, Advil, modern dentistry, Molly Ivins, Ellen Goodman, Jim Hightower, Eric Zorn, Plhil Rosenthal, Roger Ebert, my job, sunlight, space travel, starlight, Halley's Comet, coffee, my James Baldwin mug, Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com, Alibris.com, the entire whacky band of people I know and spar with on the Internet, Michele for not banning me from here, Henry Purcell, Bushmills & Jamesons Whiskey, Guinness, Warren Ellis, Garth Ennis, Y: The Last Man, teh current renaissance of Spider-Man, Alex Ross, Stan Lee, Kevin Smith, living in Illinois ("It's like paradise for Democrats!"), Judy Baar Topinka, Bill Clinton, the Sears Tower, Lincoln Park Zoo, walking along the Chicago lakefront, central London, the Imperial War Museum, Mini Coopers, VW Bugs, the smell of muffin body wash, Japanese art prints, katanas, Stephen Sondheim, the Chicago White Sox, Mayor Daley...

Damn, that's a lot. I could go on, too.

Oh, and Sheffield's and Will's Northwoods Inn, my two bars here in Chicago, as well as the fine bartenders there.

change green bay packers to philadelphia eagles, killian's red to harp lager, and x out the push up bra and biodegradable tampons, and i think your list is right on!

Drive thru starbucks, "back massagers", digital cameras, Jay Mohr, Bath and Body works, Rubios fish tacos, Snoop Dogg, Cold Stone icecream, Target, and chocolate.

Nacho-Cheese Doritos
Newcastle Brown Ale
The alt.music.nin/#amnin gang
Game 6 of the 1986 World Series
Game 7 of the 1994 Stanley Cup Finals
Super Bowls XXI and XXV
NFL Films
Vivid Video
The debit Mastercard
Never Mind the Bollocks
Let It Be (both of them)
Michele, for not banning me

And, cribbed from Bill Bryson...

Ronald Reagan will never be President again.

great idea. my list:
donnie darko, movable type, gum-stimulating toothbrushes, finding guitar picks under the bed, rufus wainwright, central heating, canada, html, iranian proverbs, glasses, individually packaged granola bars, food that doesn't contain onions, vibrators, individually packaged vibrators that don't contain onions, scarves, gel pens, erotic poetry, google news, quiet rooms in the school, people who smell nice, orange tabby cats, Mesopotamia.


I'm thankful for modern medicine, cars, pet ferrets, supreme pizzas, the internet, breech-loading firearms, plane travel, sugar-free candy,cell phones, v-8 engines, Bruce Campbell Movies, boobies ;-), DVD players, cable TV,and too many others to list.

Joe, pooches, anything that makes me laugh so hard it hurts,300+threadcount all cotton sheets, Rammstein, 400 disc cd changers, my Jeep, sushi, Michael Sowa, Albuterol and Alprazolam, beer, friends who forgive, being born in the USA, bloggers and this great forum, garlic, Spaghettios when hungover, fresia, citrus, Pier One candles, snow globes, the ocean, and being so alive it makes me and others crazy sometimes!

All the great rock & roll bands that have helped re-kindle my love for the music in the past year:

The Donnas
The Eyeliners
The Groovie Ghoulies
Dropkick Murphys
Manda & The Marbles
Fabulous Disaster
One Man Army
The Stellas

Non-wing open wheel dirt track auto racing

Our traditional Thanksgiving family dinner - eating turkey, checking out the sale ads with my mom and watching football with my dad
Homemade ice cream
Homemade chocolate chip cookies

Mel Brooks, the Ramones, drinking on the beach, tommy Bahama shirts on sale, when my father-in-law forgets to put ice in his beer, Texas Hold 'em, Nelson Riddle, Willy Nelson, Willy Wonko, Tonka Toys, AJ's theater tickets, remotes, a government job, Gotlieb pinball, power shifting, good scotch, Marlboro catalogs and my psychotic neighbors.

Jazz, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, FOOTBALL, the BADASS Dallas Cowboys (America's team) Rice Krispies treats, Snickers, Old Navy, Ankle Socks, and my Trombone =).

Oh, and Super Bowl XX.

46-10 over the Patriots. Ahhhhhhhhh....