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kooks and kards and komiks

I got my Kook. Go get yours. You can get one every day that you vote for the one of (out of only four) Official Comic Strips of A Small Victory, Acid Keg. Do you realize what a high honor it is to be one of those strips? I mean, there are about a million comic strips on the web. And about 90,000,000 of them are rip-offs of Penny-Arcade.

Oh, the other three Official Comics of ASV? Day by Day, Cox & Forkum and Penny-Arcade. I'm willing to add two or three more, so if you're an artist with an online comic strip, you may bribe me. Then I will wield my unwieldy powers on your strip and in no time you will be dating supermodels and opening off shore bank accounts (and only comics that are only online count, which is why Maakies /Sock Monkey can't be an official comic of ASV, though it is the comic I turn to most when I want to de-stress).

So, what was I saying? Oh, yes. Go vote for Acid Keg, get your Keg Kook and trade with all the cool kids. They're better drawn than Pokemon and less confusing than Yu Gi Oh! You could even collect them all, gather your friends and play a game of strip Keg Kook. Do I have all the great ideas, or what?

And don't be trying to steal my card. For god's sake people, it only takes a click. No need to go into a life of crime just for a picture of a shark-headed lawyer.

My lawyer (who does not have a shark eating his head, but does appear to be a bird), told me to take down the picture of my Kook Kard, lest I be accused of luring impressionable young children into a life of internet crime.

[via treacher]


I bet you didn't know that the creaters of Penny Arcade are not bush supporters and they are Ted Rall fans?

Are we supposed to be posting the Keg Kooks? I don't think we're supposed to be posting the Keg Kooks. The idea is that you have to vote to get them.

What makes you think I care? If I picked my entertainment by the values of its creators, there would be very little on my bookshelves or in my DVD case - and I would probably have to get rid of nearly all my CDs.

That was a really stupid statement, Jake.

Well Michele you should not asume that they share your questionable world view.

What the hell are you talking about, Jake? When did I assume that? And when did I say their ideology was important to me? And why the hell would that have any effect on whether their comics about video games are funny or not?

comics are....just comics.

and thanks for choosing DBD, Michele.

I always liked 'The Imp' by Robin Reed and Jose Arroyo at:

I'm neither a Bush supporter nor a Ted Rall fan myself. I'm hoping that Arnold set a precedent for foreign action heroes in office so I can vote for a John Steed/Emma Peel ticket in '04.

I am proud to have the ASV seal of quality. (No Achewood?)

Achewood is in the ASV Hall of Fame, as it was my first Official Comic. I like to rotate every now and then. [Speaking of Achewood, did everyone get today's secret anatomy lesson?]

I'd like to think I helped get the word out about Achewood. Lileks found out about it from me, and then everybody else found out about it from him. So there's something good I did with my life.

Anyway, I was too busy with the double psyche-out to notice the trees. You're right!

Toothpastefordinner isn't bad. I learned about it from Achewood, which I learned about from Jim Treacher. This story was made into the motion picture "Pay it Forward", starring Haley Joel Osment as Jim Treacher. (Thanks, Jim!)

We're honored, Michele. Thank you.

Although the creator isn't exactly the friendliest sort, I still read PVP every day. You can find it www.pvponline.com

Sluggy Freelance, of course... he sells books of his comix, but as far as I know, it's not published anywhere. Is It Not Nifty?

[same voice as Homer saying "beer"]"Sluggy"

BTW I don't believe Jake. I've been reading PA for years and they've never mentioned a single political subject.

The Toothpaste for Dinner guy makes some good music too.

Sheldon is the best-written standard comic-type comic strip being written today. Find it here - http://www.unitedmedia.com/comics/sheldon/index.html

Read a couple of day’s worth of Sheldon, and then read a few comics in your newspaper. Compare and contrast. And then ask your features editor why the local newspaper publishes such unmitigated crap.

Although it is on united media, I don't believe it has hit any newspapers yet. Check here to see if Dave ever hits the big time - http://www.davekellett.com/

Send Dave some love. His comic is the best.

Mac Hall is well drawn and pretty damn funny.

do you have any information on Jake Steed having a criminal case pending. Is it true. please tell me and sent me to a link that I can read out it.

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