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my lone commentary on last night's debate

Is it just me, or does anyone else think that Howard Dean can shoot laser beams out of his eyeballs?


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There was a debate on last night? Darn, missed it.




Well, actually, I'm more reminded of Mr. Pitt from Seinfeld.

Laser beams out of eyeballs....That would make a pretty frightening ticket with Wesley Clark, who believes in time travel.

Think of the havoc they could wreak.

Yeah, he can. That's how he plans to defeat Bush. bwhahahahahahahahaha!

That's why you should vote for Kucinich, who is very much anti-laser, be they the orbital mind control or beam out of eyeball variety.

Mr. Pitt with laser-beam eyes. Now that's comedy!

It's all the stuff he's shooting out of his a$$ that bothers me.

Matt stole my joke.

No you are not...and I thank you, I was begining to think that I was delusional: The beams from Deans eyes and the voices from the sky were worrying me.It is good to know I'm sane. Unfortunately this means that the cast of Angel really ARE shapeshifting reptillian Martians from the center of the earth.

Stay safe Michelle.

Actually, those laser beams could be just the thing for heating a Snapple Pie. I wonder what one of those is like toasty warm? (Alcohol not included.)

"Mr. Pitt with laser-beam eyes. Now that's comedy!"

No wonder he couldn't see the sailboat.

And you were worried about how he would deal with the terrorists....

Out one's eyeballs is far more useful than into one's eyeballs.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Incidentally, if you drop "laser eyes" into the search engine on my blog, you should find a couple of entries from not that long ago about Bush's alleged laser eyes.

No, I think that Stephen King was thinking of Howard Dean when he created the character of Greg Stilson for The Dead Zone

and when I think of Martin Sheen as president shudder, I think of his portrayal of Stilson in the awful film adaptation of that book.


Sorry, gotta disagree with you - not a great movie, but that's a fine adaptation of Dead Zone. Great Walken performance, and Sheen is just wonderfully insane.