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death becomes him

And it can't come a moment to soon. Six feet under isn't even far enough.


Damn - and here I was hoping they'd give the asshole the rest of life to be pummelled by the prison population, instead of simply murdering him.

LOL Joe he will ahve at least 15 years to get picked on before they ever get around to offing him.

If they wanted to raise ALOT of cash they could raffle off a chance to be the switch thrower! I know Id pony up a couple dollars for a chance or two..

The sad part is that he'll be pretty much isolated on death row while he exhausts his appeals. He needs to be be thrown into the general prison population so he can get the repeated beatings and butt rapings he deserves. Lethal injection is way too good for this asswipe.

Nah, just cordon off, fence in, and completely isolate some abandoned urban area and drop him into it. Also put in three or four military-trained snipers. Then tell the bastard he is going to be shot by one of the snipers at some point in the next year. Otherwise, he is allowed to move freely within the cordoned area and do as he likes.

Let him sweat.

ROFL David I love it!!! Maybe have the snipers fire off a shot or two just every so often just to highten the tension!

Oh if only there was justice he would be pissing his pants everytime someone farts too loudly right up to the point when the bullet enters his brain